Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader in Review

If you are like most fishermen, then your tackle box could truly be called an embarrassment of riches. You have every possible combo of crank bait, stick bait, jig, worm, spoon, spinner, sinker, and hook for any conceivable situation…and like as not you spend half an hour finding it and/or untangling the Gordian knot it has formed with the other equipment in your box!

The Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader tackle box is an offering by the Flambeau corporation, well known in sporting circles for their tackle boxes and other fishing accessories, that goes a long way towards solving this problem. The Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader is a next generation uber-box that can effectively bring even the most disorganized fisherman’s chaotic pile of gear back into order.

The Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader is seventeen and one half inches long by twelve and one half inches wide, and eleven inches high, which puts a great deal of storage and organizational capacity into a package that is far from unwieldy. Up to seven individual utility boxes can be stored in the box, this compartmentalization further adding to the ease of keeping your various lures and other essentials neatly arrayed. The lid of the Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader features a flip up quick access compartment further subdivided into seven individual compartments, which allows fast access to such things as bobbers, weights, swivels, weights, hooks, and etc. The T5 Multiloader also has spinnerbait storage built in as well as six line spoolers. The Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader also has a large and deep incidentals compartment, which is excellent for storing such bulky items as spools of lines, extra reels, packages of plastic or stinkbaits, tools, and other miscellany. The T5 Multiloader is built from rugged plastic than withstand the most rugged use and abuse when you are out on the lakes and rivers, and is coated with the rust inhibiting compound Zerust, which protects both your tackle box and the equipment you have stored within, making it equally serviceable on fresh waters or out in the salt. The Flambeau T5 Pro Multiloader retails for around $49.99 wherever quality fishing gear is sold.