As long as you do not tip over, kayaking can be a lot of fun. Then again, as long as the water is not too cold, falling into the water can be a lot of fun as well. Most people would prefer to stay in their kayak and it is not always as easy as it looks. That’s why the availability of a brilliant text on properly using a kayak is a huge plus. Does such a publication exist? Yes, it does. It comes in the form of The Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, 2nd Edition by David Burch. David Burch has truly hit the ball out of the park with this text. It covers all you need to know about properly operating a kayak. This makes any excursions on the ocean a lot more fun and, honestly, it makes it a lot safer, too.

This book does what is needed to provide you, the kayak enthusiast, with a great guide book for learning the basics of what is needed to devise a course that you sea kayak will be traveling on. Beginners will absolutely need to read this title because it provides all the much needed information required to gain the needed insight to perform such navigation. And yes, even those that have been kayaking for many years will find the material presented in this book to be enlightening. This truly is the book for anyone that has an interest in kayaking navigation. That is why this work is considered the primary text to read if you wish to learn about what is needed to navigate a kayak in the proper manner.

No matter where you wish to take your kayak, this book helps with the effectiveness of navigation. Are you traveling through a region that has a great deal of shipping traffic? Are you venturing into a waterway that may have islands on either side? Is the section of the ocean you are traveling through known for high amounts of kelp? While there are no easy solutions to such scenarios, it is possible to improve you potential to succeed in traveling through these areas. Clearly, reading and reviewing the information in The Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, 2nd Edition by David Burch would be a reliable step forward in this regard. No matter what type of environment you wish to navigate through, this particular book will cover the basics.

Those basics include such fundamental items as reading a chart, determining and maintaining position, using a compass, and dealing with the sometimes extremely difficult issue of “unfriendly” tides and current. Come to think of it, the “friendly” tides and currents can cause problems. Those that may have concerns about dealing in low light situations, nighttime navigation, and traveling through fog will also find the material in this particular book to be quite enlightening. No, you will not become an expert simply by reading what Burch has written. You will develop expertise through practice. However, if you combine practice and experience with reading and rereading this excellent work, you will discover that you can certainly boost your potential to become highly adept at proper kayaking navigation.

And what about all those modern navigation systems such as GPS and electronic charting; are they represented? This book covers the subject of modern navigational devices and does so quite well. Again, this is the definitive work on the subject to purchase.

The Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, 2nd Edition by David Burch is the best text on the subject ever published. Those that truly do want to read a brilliant book that covers kayaking navigation in the most detailed manner need to know this is the one to purchase.