High Quality Reels: Pflueger Patriarch

There are some people that take their fishing seriously. For these people, only the most high end fishing equipment will suffice. Fishing equipment of this nature is made to stand up to some of the most adverse conditions without wavering in performance. Equipment such as high end fishing reels are for professionals and amateurs who hope to one day become professionals. The Pfleuger Patriarch is one of those reels that is made for performance under any condition and is made out of the most quality materials that can be used to fabricate a bait casting reel. Reels such as these are often used for large mouth bass and tournament fishing although a reel that is as tough as the Pfleuger Patriarch can be used for saltwater fishing as well.

Pfleuger Bait Casting Reels

Bait casting reels are a reel that is slightly different from other reels such as spinning and closed face reels. A bait casting reel requires more skill to maneuver although the rewards for learning how to use a bait casting reel will pay for itself in a short amount of time. Most people use bait casting reels for larger fish such as large mouth bass, pike, and muskie although certain saltwater fish can be targeted as well. A bait casting reel, such as the Pfleuger Patriarch allows the angler to cast farther and smoother with more accuracy because of the way the line leaves the reel. The reel sits on top of the rod and the line only has a movement of not much more than one inch. Due to this limited movement, the eyes on a casting reel are much smaller, which gives the rod and reel combo far more accuracy than the large diameter spool of a spinning reel. The central spindle on the reel allows for cranking power to stay centralized unlike a spinning reel where stress from a large fish can cause the reel to shift from side to side. Bait casting reels such as the Pfleuger Patriarch have been helping the serious angler land larger fish with less effort for many decades, and technology continues to provide Pfleuger with even better components with which to construct their reels.

Pfleuger Patriarch Specs

The Pfleuger Patriarch is a reel that stands out above others in quality, design, and style. The Pfleuger bait casting reel uses ten precision manufactured bearings to ensure a smooth cast with every pitch of the arm, which also allows for easy retrieval as well. The precision bearings are pressed with high quality metal that allows them to hold up to extreme pressure in the instance that a large fish leans heavily on the drag or for constant casting on a hot summer day. This particular reel comes in a variety of sizes for the angler to choose from where each larger size offers a larger line capacity. The reel can be used with as little as six pound test while the larger models can hold line at the fourteen pound capacity. It also incorporates two drag speeds for the user where one is for all-purpose fishing and the other is for targeting specific species.

Why Pfleuger

Pfleuger is one of the oldest and most well known rods throughout the world. Their rods have been used to target fish in all types of water such as deep sea fishing, small stream fishing, and large mouth bass fishing. Pfleuger reels rely on full customer satisfaction and the company warrants all parts from defects. With a little amount of research, one can find a Pfleuger reel that will meet his or her needs.