Hilleberg Akto

Leave it up to Hilleberg to carry on an excellent reputation in producing high quality tents, a must have for the true enthusiast. Based in a Northern region of Sweden, the company released its line of products to American market about 10 years ago after much demand and those in the know have appreciated their quality.

The Hilleberg Akto is among the best one-man four season tents available today. Its high quality materials and unique design offer every feature an experienced camping enthusiast would want: rapid and simple setup, spacious interior and the weight of a feather are all assets to the Akto’s popularity. Unfortunately for shoppers on the lookout for bargains, this product is not cheap at $340 – but in some cases unsurpassed quality needs to be paid for.

At 3 pounds, 12 ounces, the Akto is one of the lightest and easily packable tents on the market. Often, a tent can present a burden to a backpacker in terms of space and weight, but the single pole design will render the product hardly noticeable in a pack. Many backpackers report a setup time of about two minutes, which can certainly be a blessing when trying to escape a deluge.

Composed of an interior tent that constitutes the sleeping area and an exterior as a sort of shield to inclement weather, one can use this tent all year round. The interior fabric is lightweight rip stop nylon, which not only repels water, but also allows for some breathability – an important factor in reduced condensation buildup. Rain simply rolls off of Kerlon 1500, a material made up of rip stop nylon coated in silicon, which is what Hilleberg constructed the exterior shell from. At a 33psi tear strength, the Kerlon fabric is capable of sealing campers off from the elements and also is incredibly durable.

The two-layered exoskeleton design of the Akto helps to retain warmth, while the breathable mesh keeps airflow at a comfortable level. Condensation may build up over the evening, but it never enters the inner tent. Simply brush it away in the mornings before folding up the shelter and gearing up for another hike.

The intensely claustrophobic need not apply. A common complaint made about the Hilleberg Akto is its somewhat bothersome lack of headroom. Opinions vary, but the 34-inch height clearance at the apex of the tent will force a taller individual to lay horizontally or sit hunched over as a storm rages outside. Hilleberg provides ample space in length and width, measuring 87 inches from end to end and 70 inches at the widest point. Remember – this is a one-man tent built for serious wilderness enthusiasts willing to pay for quality. The Akto is a shelter, not a place to entertain.

Price: $340

I would rate this product a 5/5. Why? This product represents a standard in excellence that provides a benchmark for other one-man four season tents on the market. Yes, the Hilleberg Akto is more expensive than many would be willing to pay – but isn’t that so often the case for quality? This tent will outlast that cheap model that seemed like a bargain at the time until the weather turned for the worse. As an old friend often says, “When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”