John E. Sherry Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide

Even those with a passing interest in fishing should own a copy of John E. Sherry’s Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide. Without a doubt, this is one of the very best books on the subject of

If you were to ask a novice what are some of the most important skills you need to possess to be a successful fisherman you would probably be faced with a very quizzical look. Most people that have never fished before do not give much though to what the many different facets go into fishing. Of course, there are many skills you need to maintain a working knowledge of in order to become highly adept at fishing. For example, how you tie the knots on your hooks and lures is a huge component to getting the most out of your excursions. Why is this? Well, with the wrong knot, the hook or lure could come lose or the knot could outright snap. An improperly tied knot could literally come undone. And, in some cases, a terribly tied knot actually lets the fish know that something is, well fishy, with what is being presented to them. As a result, they will not hit your line.

So, now we know why it is important to have a working knowledge of some of the basic knots. And really, it would not hurt at all to have a more in depth knowledge of some of the more advanced knots. This is where John E. Sherry’s Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide proves to be so helpful. This can be considered one of the very best works on the subject of fishing knots ever devised.

There are ten specific knots shown in this particular guide. The various steps of the knot tying process are detailed in a relatively straight forward and easy to follow manner. The illustrations are extremely well crafted and that means you can follow the steps without any problems. Even someone completely new to tying fishing knots will get the hand of things relatively quickly. Consider that another recommendation for purchasing this excellent knot tying guide.

Now, some might be saying a quality guidebook has its value. But, what if you cannot remember the exact way the knots go? Are you supposed to carry thing guide book around with you? Well, you could but there is an alternative. Directions to ten specific knots are imprinted on plastic cards in the book. You can carry the cards with you in your wallet or tackle box. When the time comes to make the knot, you can simply access the appropriate card.

Again, the key here is quality and not quantity. The ten top knots you will need to know for fishing are presented so that you will be able to apply the appropriate know for the specific fishing trip that you go on. And yes, these ten knots have a great deal of variety to them so they can certainly fit a number of different fishing excursions. Who knows? Perhaps ten is all you need!

Not that you shouldn’t learn about all the various knots beyond these ten. As much knowledge as you can amass on the subject is recommended. Perhaps this particular book could be the starting point for your developing expertise on the subject.

Consider John E. Sherry’s Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide to be the very best publication on the subject. It truly does cover its subject in amazing depth and detail. This is THE book on knot tying you will want to own.