Kelty Basecamp Bureau

The Kelty Basecamp Bureau bag is ideal for a family of campers, or those wishing to bring a little organization to their outdoor adventures. The bag is compartmentalized with four removable, storage drawers. Each drawer has an ID card holder, which can be individually labeled. If you are camping with family or a group of friends, the cards can be labeled with the campers’ names to prevent mix-ups in belongings.

Additionally, the Kelty Basecamp Bureau bag can be useful for an individual camper who wishes to organize his or her personal belongings for easy access, rather than spending 10 minutes searching the depths of a duffel to find bug repellent. For example, you can label one compartment as “Clean Clothes”, a second compartment may be labeled “Dirty Clothes”, a third compartment can be for “Toiletries”, etc. Campers who engage in a variety of camping activities, such as fishing and hiking, may especially find this method useful because you can separate your equipment based on those specific activities. The drawers are stackable, so campers can feel a bit more at-home by creating makeshift dressers in their tents.

The Kelty Basecamp Bureau bag is also designed to withstand a rugged adventure in less-than-ideal conditions. It is manufactured with 330D polyester mini-ripstop/210D polyester oxford fabric, and while the bag itself is freestanding, the enclosed drawers are steel-framed. For easy carrying, it has both dual handles and a shoulder strap. However, it may not be a bag you would want to carry with you for a prolonged period of time. The bag’s relatively heavy weight makes it undesirable for all-day lugging. It weighs almost 5 pounds by itself with rather large dimensions: 27″ length, 14.5″ width, and 15.5″ depth. That’s quite a bit of space to fill with added weight. If you plan on hiking, it’s better that you bring a smaller backpack. Campers with health or environmental concerns related to polyvinyl chloride can put their minds at ease. The Kelty Basecamp Bureau bag is PVC-free.

All things considered, I rate the Kelty Basecamp Bureau bag a 5 on a scale of 1-5. Its unique design is unlike any other on the market. The suggested retail price of $95.95 is a worthwhile indulgence.