Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame Child Carrier

The Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame Child Carrier is the top of the line carrier produced by Kelty, and attests to the Kelty tradition of building well-structured hiking and camping equipment for almost 60 years. This high-quality child carrier is loaded with features to make using it a pleasant experience for both parent and child. Suitable for children who are able to sit up by themselves, the carrier holds up to 50 pounds. While the carrier is sturdy enough for heavy-duty hiking, it is also lightweight enough for walking and errands around town.

Comfort features for the parent include padded and contoured shoulder straps, a double-padded waistbelt, and a cushioned backpanel. The Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame Child Carrier is easily adjustable to fit torsos from 12” to 20”, making it easy to switch from one adult to another. The back panel is ventilated to allow moisture to wick away from the body during hot weather. The carrier is designed so that most of the weight is centered on the hips, making it very comfortable to wear even for lengthy excursions.

The carrier provides several comfort features for the child. For example, the fully padded frame and seat are both covered in breathable fabric to avoid discomfort in warm weather. The seat adjusts according to the child’s height, allowing the carrier to “grow with the child” so it can be used for several years. The removable rain/sun hood protects little ones from the elements, and the frame is comfortable enough that the child is able to sleep during longer hikes. The five-point harness keeps the child securely positioned in the carrier, and the shoulder and leg straps are fully adjustable.

Other features include a kickstand that deploys automatically to stabilize the carrier, making loading and unloading the child safe and easy. Also included are a hand mirror, which allows the parent to view the child while he/she is in the carrier; a diaper-changing pad; a zip-off bag complete with shoulder straps; loops for securing favorite toys; and ample compartments for storage space. There is enough room for wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, lunch for 4, and several changes of clothes for the child. The Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame Child Carrier is perfect for an all day adventure!

Rates 5 stars out of 5. MSRP $249.95