Kelty Kitchen Sink

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Kelty Kitchen Sink: Hassle Free Family Camping

No one enjoys chores. They are designed to be annoying. They take up time you’d rather have to spend on something you’d rather be doing. So whatever helps you get through them quicker, with less fuss is a plus. That’s where the Kelty Kitchen Sink comes in.

Quick, Easy, Compact

The Kelty Kitchen Sink is an all-in-one kitchen solution for camping trips. Its basic function is as a lightweight and portable tote for all your kitchen utensils and a sink. The main compartment of the bag unzips and features a water tight basin that can be filled up with water and soap for an easy dish washing solution while enjoying the outdoors. It has side pockets to store dish soap and towels. Easily retractable side racks can be opened to allow dishes and utensils to dry easily. The Kelty Kitchen Sink then can be zipped up for easy storage and what could have been a big hassle is contained in one handy and compact container. Before you know it, the unpleasant prospect of dishes will quickly be one chore out of your hair, allowing you to get back to enjoying your outdoor adventure.

Not Really for Backpackers or RV Enthusiasts

Now all that being said, backpackers may not find the Kelty Kitchen Sink practical. Though it’s lightweight, when you are out hiking the back country every ounce and inch counts. Most wouldn’t choose to use that space to haul a sink tote up a cliff or through a mountainous trail. Obviously, RVers would find little use for this tote.

However, for family camping trips it sure does help to keep everything kitchen in one place and this product does that. You’ll save time and you’ll save yourself a big headache unpacking and packing things over and over again in separate totes.

Good Value

You can find the Kelty Kitchen Sink pretty reasonably priced. It does pay to do some comparison shopping though as you’ll see it listed for anywhere between $38.00 and $60.00.


The Kelty Kitchen Sink is a great accessory for camping trips that don’t involve backpacking or an RV. It’s a great time saver because it serves as a central storage for all your camping kitchen gear and as a wash basin so you can wash your dishes, dry and stow them in one convenient place. Plus it’s reasonably priced, if you do your shopping. I would give it a 3 out of 5 if you find it at the top end of $60, but a 4 out of 5 if you find it on sale for around $38.