Leki Corklite Aergon Speedlock Trekking Poles – A Good Buy

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Hiking is a fun and healthy way to get out of the house or office and enjoy the great outdoors. Watching a television, as technologically advanced as it may be, pales in comparison to wandering around outside, hiking mountains, deserts or even the local forest preserve in one’s home town.

There are numerous aids available to hikers- from GPS units to sturdy hiking boots. One tool that is indispensable to any kind of hiker, be they amateur or experienced, is a good sturdy staff or a set of trekking poles. These tools help the hiker to maintain their footing and balance while on the trail, as well as providing a way to move obstacles to the hikers path while still performing a vital function. Hiking poles are just that- poles that are made or bought and consist of a pole roughly the height of the hiker. However, a recent and wonderful innovation is that of trekking poles like the Leki Corklite Aergon SpeedLock Trekking Poles.

Leki Corkelite Aergon SpeedLock trekking poles are made of strong aluminum and the pair weigh sixteen point six ounces. The handles are made of a cor-tec blend of cork and polyester materials that give a natural feeling to the handles, without sacrificing durability as well as being latex-free. The Aergon grips provide an edgeless shape and are rubberized to reduce fatigue of the hands and ensuring comfort over extended usage. The poles themselves are ergonomically designed, having a fifteen degree Positive Angle positioning for the hand grips that maximizes swing efficiency. The tips of the poles themselves can flex up 15 degrees, reducing stress to the pole shaft and extending the life of the trekking poles overall. Tough and durable carbide tip-ends easily grip ice and rocks to ensure stability for the hiker.

Measuring in at between twenty six point four inches and fifty three point one inches, the poles are easily adjustable to the height or preference of most hikers. The poles themselves telescope out from the shaft, and are firmly and securely locked into place by a stainless-steel pressure plate system that clamps on to the pole sections like a vise to make sure that they will not telescope into each other suddenly.

Leki Corklite Aergon SpeedLock Trekking Poles have a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of one hundred and twenty dollars. The trekking poles are ultimately worth every last cent spent on them, providing a good hiking tool for a hiker for a decent and reasonable price. The materials are of a top-notch quality, providing all of the needed utility for general and long term usage.

For advanced hiking trips, or very rough terrain, it is generally recommended that hikers look into trekking poles that offer shock absorbing features that reduce the strain and rough effects of the terrain on a hiker. These particular trekking poles are not equipped with shock absorbing features, which is one of the very few downsides to the product. Generally, shock absorbing features are not often needed for general hiking- it is when a hiker travels rougher trails that something like shock absorbing features becomes something that should be considered in a trekking pole.

The Leki Corklite Aergon SpeedLock trekking pole earns a rating of a 4 out of 5. The only drawback is the lack of a shock absorbing feature that can be found in other trekking poles of equal and even slightly greater value. Overall though, the trekking poles are a very good buy for the vast majority of hikers who are looking for strong and utilitarian trekking poles as an aide to their adventures.