Looking at The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) by Clyde Soles

The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) by Clyde Soles is the seminal publication on its topic. When it comes to knot tying, Soles work provides the perfect descriptions needed to make sure any knot you tie is done properly. That alone can boost safety in the great outdoors to a great degree.

There are some books that positively must be in the library of those that love the great outdoors. A few of these books serve the noble purpose of celebrating the joys and wonders of exploring adventures under the stars. Then, there are those publications that are designed to help you get the most out of your excursions. Namely, they achieve this by boosting and promoting safer hiking, camping, hunting, mountain climbing, etc. Often, the ability to turn an outdoors excursion into something safe revolves around merely boosting your knowledge of a particular subject. And yes, there will be instances where the subject is something that is quite frequently overlooked. One such subject is that of properly tying knots. And really, this is not a subject that should remain overlooked!

Now, thanks to the availability of The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) by Clyde Soles, this is a subject that can be explored in depth. Without a doubt, this is one of the top resource guides on the subject and that makes it a publication that needs to be in any serious outdoorsman’s library.

One thing that needs to be understood about tying knots is that there is no such thing as a “one knot fits all” scenario. Some knots are better used for specific purposes than others. The reasons for this may vary. Complicated knots are not always required for simple tasks. Then, there will be instances were a very complex and secure knot is needed to boost and enhance safety. The key here is that you always want to select the proper knot for the proper task at hand. Doing otherwise could prove problematic to say the least. When you have access to this excellent book by Clyde Soles, you need not worry about selecting the wrong knot. All of the knots you would need to know about are detailed perfectly in this volume.

As the saying goes, knowing is only half the battle. The other half would be execution. In this case, that means you need to know the proper way to effective tie the actual knot. The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) by Clyde Soles goes into great detail on this subject. No matter what specific knot you need to tie, this book provides the effective illustrations and step by step directions to ensure your knot tying is as effective as possible. Please be aware, however, that you do need to practice tying the knots. Don’t assume that as long as you take this book out in the field with you that all will be fine. People make mistakes and practice reduces the chance for mistakes. So, always practice tying the knots presented in this particular volume.

Of course, you certainly are advised to bring this book out in the field with you. Perhaps you can bring one out in the field and leave another one at home in my library. In fact, this would be recommended since having a copy of the book in your hands when you are in the great outdoors could prove to be a help.

The Outdoor Knots Book (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) by Clyde Soles truly is a classic textbook on a subject anyone venturing out into the great wide open needs to know. Actually, you need to do more than “know” it. You need to completely familiarize and internalize your knowledge on the subject. Many great rewards can come out of it as a result.