Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe Review

Canoeing around a lake or pond can be very enjoyable and relaxing. While purchasing a canoe can be expensive upfront, it pays for itself with the amount of fun that can be had. Think about enjoying a great sunny day out on the lake in a canoe with nature all around you. Any outdoor enthusiast can rent a canoe, but renting can become a hassle. If you want to be on the water at your convenience, then purchasing a canoe might be for you. There are many canoes out there with different features, but for average outdoor enthusiast, there really are only a few. One that many other adventurers and enthusiasts enjoy is the Adventure 16 canoe by Mad River.

The Adventure 16 canoe is not your typical canoe as it is built around a molded polyethylene body. Traditional canoes are typically built around a fiberglass body and frame. Weighing in at 84 pounds, the Adventure 16 will still require two people to carry it, but it still weighs less than some traditional canoes. The Adventure 16 canoe measures in at 16 feet long by 37 inches wide. This size is great for two people to paddle, but can accommodate three people with a third center seat. This canoe has a max capacity of 950 pounds, so it accommodates any adventurer. Since the body is made from polyethylene, the Adventure 16 can ride higher in the water. This should be considered before paddling with three people as tipping the canoe could be possible. If this canoe tips over, it is fairly easy to right due to the polyethylene body.

One of the best features of the Mad River Adventure 16 is that is comes with a square back design. The square back is not prominent, but allows for the attachment of a trolling motor. This feature can be helpful when fishing is involved. It can be hard to paddle the canoe and fish at the same time due to the storage constraints, but a trolling motor can ease this hassle. Along with the square back, the Adventure 16 comes with three molded and contoured seats. The front and rear seats come standard with padded, adjustable backrests. Molded cup holders also accompany the front and rear seats to hold any type of beverage container.

The Mad River Adventure 16 canoe’s price tag is suggested at $795. While this is just a suggested price, most retailers do sell the Adventure 16 for around $795. The price tag is in the proper range for such a feature-rich canoe. You can get a single-person canoe for around $500, but with an additional $300, you can get the three-person Adventure 16. This canoe easily scores a 4 out of 5 on any rating scale. The main reason for not getting a perfect score is the possibility of tipping. If the width was a little wider, the tipping issue would be non-existent.

If you are in search for a quality canoe that is easy to transport and provides many different operation options, then the Mad River Adventure 16 canoe should be at the top of the list. The light-weight polyethylene body, with molded and padded seats, provides a great padding experience with no discomfort. The Adventure 16 can be paddled with either traditional oars or kayak paddles. For a budget of under $800, there are no canoes that will provide all of the features and options as the Adventure 16 by Mad River.