Mad River Reflection 17

If you are looking for a top quality canoe, the Mad River Reflection 17 is a top contender for you to consider. This canoe has a large capacity and a long hull so you can easily use it for a family. It can also be used for multiple day trips because you will have enough space for storing food and other necessities.

You will find that the Mad River Reflection 17 gets top reviews for maneuvering, stability, and overall efficiency. They feature web style seating with a shallow arched hull. They also include a yoke that is made out of Ash wood. This makes it convenient to carry the canoe without damaging it when you are moving it in and out of the water.

The Mad River Reflection 17 is just over 17 feet long and the width is 35 inches. The weight is very light – only 66 pounds. The maximum capacity for the canoe is 900 pounds so you will be fine with several people in it to enjoy an outing. This particular canoe is excellent for both land waters and rivers. Even in choppy waters you will find that it isn’t hard for you to handle at all. That can give you the confidence you need to go exploring in it.

The Mad River Reflection 17 is offered in two colors – either green or sand. Both are finished with Royal X polyurethane. This will help to keep your canoe looking great. It won’t be warped due to the water or cracking due to the sunlight. Those are important factors as you want to be able to proudly look at the visual appearance of your canoe.

The overall design of this canoe allows you to move it along at a leisurely pace or to significantly increase the speed at which you are moving. Being able to have that type of control is very important when you are in a canoe. You don’t want to be just moving along at the mercy of the speed of the water around you.

These canoes are available with IQ2 or IQ gun whale systems. This allows for the addition of spray skirts, adjustable seating, lash systems, and dry bags. It all depends on how you plan on using your canoe the most. If you want to have the ultimate use of it then this is the way to go so that you can be in any type of water and do any type of activity with it.

$1,295 is the MSRP for aluminum and $1,595 if you want one made out of wood. You can get a full option package that runs about $1,695. These options include cup holders and spray shields. Skid plates are also an option you may wish to consider for your Mad River Reflection 17 canoe. You may find those options make your time in the canoe even more enjoyable.

The rating for the Mad River Reflection 17 is 4 out of 5. This is a well built canoe with a basic style. It is also very affordable compared to some of the others out there. However, it is very basic in some elements where you may want to go with something that has additional upgrades. It all depends on how much time you will be spending in your canoe.