Malibu Stealth 14 Kayak

The Malibu Stealth 14 by Malibu is a great intermediate kayak, geared towards fisherman, but usable for most water activities.

Featuring a stable base for fishing, a deep well for live bait, and a plethora of accessories available, the Malibu Stealth 14 is an all-around good choice for the outdoor enthusiast The Stealth 14 is also built for speed and holds all of the gear you will need for a day out on the water, whether you are fishing, exploring a lake or river or just relaxing, the Stealth 14 has you covered.

This sit-top kayak features two front and two rear rod holders, within easy reach of the seat and also features a low-profile front seat for the kids, Malibu’s “gator hatch”. The front also features plenty of space for your child’s stuff — their own fishing rods, bait, etc.

In fact, get a couple of Malibu’s together and you’re all set for fun for the whole family, whether it be a day on the lay or the river, perhaps some white-water rafting, or maybe some diving or snorkeling in the ocean.

If it’s fishing you’re after, the rear hatch holds more gear for you, including a five-gallon bait bucket if you’d like and the foot rests are adjustable for maximum comfort. Measuring fourteen feet, four inches with a width thirty-three inches at beam, the Malibu Stealth 14 cuts a fine figure through the water. Available in eight colors, ranging from white to yellow to blue to orange to green and back again.

With a max load of 550 pounds, the Malibu is surely enough for you, your child, your bait, your lunch and with enough left over for a big catch.

The Stealth 14 retails for 1,299 new and we would award it a solid four stars — it’s a good, cheap, starter kayak that is solidly built, has a good fan-base and gets the job done.

Malibu also sells a variety of accessories for the Stealth 14; everything from seats (save your back) to seat pads (save your ass) to gear to hold your fishing gear.

We were impressed with the cockpit storage options. The center hatch is for a live-bait system and has other storage options.

Remember: Always wear a life preserver while boating.