Marlin XS7

The Marlin XS7 is an exceptional firearm. The base model is blued steel with synthetic stock. This makes it a very lightweight gun so you can carry it for hours if you need to. When you are hiking a long distance for hunting, you will appreciate a rifle that is light. At the same time though this one is very durable.

You can get the Marlin XS7 in two different calibers – the 243 WIN or the 308 WIN. Both of them are very popular so it comes down to which one you are the most comfortable with. This is an excellent rifle for any type of large game hunting you may be interested in.

The base model has no sights, but you do have the option of putting them on there. You will get a one piece scope base too which makes it possible for you to add any style of optics you would like to on it. The stock has a raised cheek piece and a soft tech recoil pad. Along with the raised cheek piece the barrel is crowned and greatly improves accuracy.

There are other variations of the Marlin XS7 available too. You can get it with blued steel synthetic camouflaged stock with Realtree APG camo pattern. This rifle is also available as a stainless steel with a black synthetic stock. This is the newest version and many consumers are very impressed with it. This is a great option for hunting in adverse weather because stainless steel won’t rust.

If you have a youngster interested in hunting, the Marlin XS7 is also available in a youth model. The fact that is light is very important here. The stock is shorter too so they will be able to handle this firearm with ease. It is a great model to use for those first few hunts until they grow into adult sized models.

Safety is something that Marlin is well known for, and you won’t be disappointed with it and the XS7 model. For example it offers two position safety, a red cocking indicator, and a pro-fire TM adjustable trigger system. This allows you to adjust the trigger pull to fit what is comfortable for the person that will be handling the rifle.

You can get the Marlin XS7 for a reasonable price too. This is a durable bolt action rifle that you won’t have to spend a fortune for. The MSRP is $400 and it comes with a generous warranty. Marlin is well known for quality products which means you can feel very good about owning this particular rifle. Marlin products also have a good resell value.

On a scale of 1 to 5, it gets a rating of a 5 due to the overall benefits it offers. Plus, you get to choose which type of visual appearance you like the best. The quality, the look, and the ease for use of it are all reasons to give this rifle a top ranking. For the price this is an excellent rifle to own yourself or to offer as a gift.