Mother Nature Explained and Made Safer

As Louis Armstrong sang so well, it is truly a wonderful world. A person’s great life adventure can begin simply by stepping out of the house and venturing into this wide green planet. Still, as David Borgenicht and his co-author comprehensively make clear in “The Worst Case Scenario Almanac: The Great Outdoors”, this same wonderful world is fraught with dangers.

What if a grizzly bear decides to snack on your camp stew? What is a mountain-climber to do in case of an avalanche? Which wild berries are edible? Mr. Borgenicht not only answers these and dozens of other unusual questions for the outdoor adventurer, he explains the causes of these strange phenomena that occur on earth.
“The Worst Case Scenario Almanac: The Great Outdoors” describes, with illustrations, what can be waiting for us. Certainly, the vast majority of escapades into the wild are safe, but there are strange contingencies the hiker, camper, climber, or even urban pedestrian should understand and for which he or she maps mental strategies. For example, a visit to one of the world’s great deserts, like the Sahara, the Gobi, or Death Valley, can certainly be a primary quest for any traveller. Hidden, however, within the desert beauty are potential hazards. That strange jumping rodent is cute and nimble, but is the Kangaroo Rat dangerous? Can the little guy be a source of protein in a starvation situation? “The Worst Case Scenario Almanac: The Great Outdoors” has the answers. How long can a person survive without water? What are the edible plants that exist in deserts? This invaluable little book provides the information that could save a life in case disaster strikes.
The book is organized by type of terrain for easy reference. Thus, whether the traveller is interested in icy environments, or tropical, ocean, or northern forests, as well as several other topographical categories, “The Worst Case Scenario: The Great Outdoors” has the information that specifies key dangers. The book even has a section devoted to urban dangers, like shopping malls. Fear the hordes of angry shoppers no more! Armed with the knowledge contained in this book, no place will contain dangers unknown to the adventurer. Fear of any situation is caused by ignorance. “The Worst Case Scenario: The Great Outdoors” dispels the dark fear of ignorance in anyone interested in exploring the world.

So, the next time you question the potential hazards of say, bird guano, look no further than this book. As the saying goes, it might just save your life.