Mountain Biking with the Cannondale Prophet 800

During the past two decades, mountain biking has taken over in the world of cycling where it rules the roost for those who enjoy riding at a fast pace while climbing, jumping, and splashing through the woods. For some, any bike will do and he or she enjoys riding for the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors. However, for those people who want to perform on a different level, there are mountain bikes built to transcend all others. One such bike, the Cannondale Prophet 800, is a bike that excels above most others when it comes to extreme mountain biking. Its lightweight frame allows for even the smallest riders to accelerate uphill and stay in control when barreling down hillsides or flying off of drops. Not only is the frame very lightweight, but it is very durable as well. One can have the confidence to know that whatever he or she submits the bike to, it will always perform. Being lightweight and durable are some of its finest attributes, however, the greatest aspect of the Cannondale Prophet 800 is its lefty fork, which is a head turner for even the most discerning biking enthusiasts.

The Cannondale Prophet 800 is a bike that can do it all. Most people attribute this multi-purpose riding ability to the fact that it is very lightweight. Due to this fact, the bike can climb steep grades with ease on even the most difficult and rocky terrain. While many people speculate about the true weight of the bike, in all of the spec sheets the weight is unlisted. The weight was never issued by Cannondale because of the many other aspects that can alter the actual weight of the bicycle. Although one would not think that things like paint, amount of welding material at joints, and other insignificant things such as these would matter, Cannondale specifically stated these as the main reasons there is no weight on the bicycle. The website asks that the potential buyer visit the the bicycle shop, take another look at it, and ask the shop to weigh it for the potential buyer. That way the buyer will know the exact weight of the Cannondale he or she purchases. This will eliminate any guesswork on the actual weight of the bicycle. For those who do not compete in extreme biking, he or she may not understand how important the weight of the bicycle actually is. However, to some biking enthusiasts, a matter of a few grams can be a deal breaker.
While the bike is extremely lightweight, this fact does not compromise its durability. Most rider reviews will relay the fact that the bike is fully suspended but there is no rocking when pedaling. This means that the suspension, coupled with the frame, provides the rider with a smooth ride when on smooth terrain, and the rider does not expend energy because of suspension bounce. Also, the front forks come in the lefty version, which for many is a deal maker. The bike is said to be perfect for almost any type of riding such as jumping, downhill, climbing, and hopping.
The Cannondale company has been a staple name in the cycling and mountain biking industry at the onset of its inception. Their bikes have been ridden and won some of the most famous road and mountain biking campaigns around the world. The Cannondale Prophet 800 has a suggested retail price of $2000 although there are many online stores that have the bike for much cheaper.