Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI

The Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI is an amazing ATV with a remarkable design that is going to get lots of attention. This type of ATV is more for competition than for anything else. In fact, the name tells the story that it is a mud machine. If you want something that is durable, fast, and can get through all types of terrain then this may be the ideal piece of equipment for you to have on your side.

This is a liquid cooled single overhead cam vehicle. It offers a 4 stroke engine with electronic fuel injection. There are a variety of gauges including a digit odometer and an analog speedometer. It offers a fully automatic transmission that is complete with a great braking system. It offers a high and low range of the transmission. It also has a locking mechanism. The disc brakes are hydraulic powered.

The Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI overs a maximum of 14 inches of ground clearance. It also offers 10 inches of suspension travel. This means you can go through rough and rugged terrain with ease. That is important because when you are in a competition you don’t want those difficult spots to slow you down. With an ATV like this on your side you can even gain some time on your competitors.

There are 28 inch Maxis Zilla tires that are mounted onto aluminum wheels. Both the front and back bumpers are very durable. There is a built in wench system too that is powerful. There are many elements that set the Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI apart from other ATV’s. One of the is the mud pro suspension and the extended chassis. These allow you to have more traction in the mud and on rough terrain. It also has a snorkel air intake so that your ATV won’t die out due to water or debris getting into the engine.

The color of the Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI is sublime green with black metallic. The aluminum wheels have high luster polish on them. The paint on this ATV is very durable so it can stand up to various mud and particles getting on it. You can also use a high pressure washer to remove those elements and not damage your paint.

Chances are you will you will enjoy riding the Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI as often as possible. It has headlights and taillights so you will be able to ride it at night. Should you decide to take along any cargo with you, there are racks on the front and the back. The front allows for 100 pounds and the back of 200 pounds. If you will be riding through the mud to get to your favorite hunting grounds you need something this durable on your side.

You can use the Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI for towing too with the built in receiver hitch that is offered. The maximum towing capacity is 1,050 pounds. You just may have to use it in order to pull out a buddy that is riding on a different brand of ATV!

The MSRP of the Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI is $13,299 which is very high. If you have the ability to make money though through mud racing with it then it could prove to be a great investment. You have to own quality equipment to get out there and compete if you want to finish very high up in the rankings. You also need to have the power on your side to get the edge over your competition.

The rating for the Mud Pro 1000 H2 EFI is 4 out of a possible 5. It does fall short when it comes to the pricing. While this is a well made ATV, it is also among the most expensive and elite. If you can’t afford this amount of money you should be able to find something that is comparable for a lower price. However, if you want the ultimate bragging rights then this is the one ATV to consider.