Nikon Rifle Hunter 550

The Nikon Rifle Hunter 550 is an excellent range finder. It can give you the ultimate advantage when you are out there hunting. This is designed to assist with basic shots but also with those that are at difficult angles and long distances. Such versatility is why this is one of the top range finders out there today. It is no secret that Nikon is one of the leaders too when it comes to optics for various types of guns. They have certainly gone the distance with all that this one includes.

You can’t find a range finder out there that is easier to use either than the Nikon Rifle Hunter 550. All you have to do is point it, aim, push the button, and the distance will immediately be displayed. It combined the trademark speed and accuracy that the Nikon name is well known for. Sometimes you only have a short period of time to get the information you need before your shot.

The Nikon Rifle Hunter 550 includes the ID technology which stands for incline and decline. This allows the user to be able to accurately determine their range when they are attempting to get any type of shot. It won’t matter if they are in the wide open spaces of the flat ground or on a steep hilly incline. This range finder has a range capacity of 550 yards.

Since this range finder is both waterproof and fog proof, you will find that there aren’t any weather conditions that stop you from getting accurate information. The 6 times magnification and 18 millimeter eye relief are handy for anyone that wears prescription glasses or safety glasses while using the Nikon Rifle Hunter 550. With the ID option turned on, you can get 1/5 yard increments on the ranges. When that feature is turned off you will get ½ yard increments. This is up to 100 yards and then after that you will get 1 yard increments up to the maximum of 550 yard range.

The standard item comes with a battery and carrying case. The battery has a long life so you don’t have to worry that it won’t be operational when you need it the most. If you aren’t sure about this range finder, just take a look online. You will find a constant theme reviews online about happy consumers that are excited to own this tool. This particular range finder even gives great accuracy on the readings in lower light situations.

The Nikon Rifle Hunter 550 is very reasonably priced with MSRP at $289. It can be about $20 more if you want the camo version versus the brown version. The camo pattern offered is Realtree MAX-1. Either way, the cost is very affordable based on all of the benefits that are offered. This particular range finder gets a rating of 5 out of 5. This is due to the fact that it is affordable, high quality, and can help you to get distances even you are in difficult angles.