Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15

Open water kayak fishing is gaining popularity as a sport and favorite past time for many outdoor enthusiasts. Combining exercise with recreation, the activity requires a unique watercraft that withstands the challenges of rough water, carries all the necessary gear and yet maneuvers without difficulty. The Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15 is such a vessel.

Designed for the intermediate to the experienced kayaker, the Trident 15 is equipped with many distinctive features to provide hours of exhilarating entertainment and recreation. The Ocean Kayak proves its capability repeatedly whether taking an owner on a wild open sea adventure or a lazy day of fishing in a local body of water.

The overall kayak is constructed using medium density polyethylene, making the craft sturdy enough to carry up to 550 pounds of cargo and endure the rigors of the outdoor environment. Weighing 60 pounds, measuring 15’7.5” in length, 39” wide, having a raised bow and an I beam hull, the aerodynamically structured Prowler Trident 15 maintains stability while ably slicing through mirror calm lakes or windy ocean surfs. An optional adjustable rudder kit adds to the ability of the kayak’s exceptional performance.

This sit on top (SOT) kayak contains a molded-in seat, leg and foot wells. The Comfort Plus 17” seat is equipped with plenty of padding and a 4-way adjustable backrest, that accommodates various sized nature loving individuals and provides hours of comfortable relaxation on the water. The craft also contains a built-in cup holder, paddle keepers, and easy to reach storage compartments. The large rubber sealed bow hatch secures by means of a single clip strap system that opens quickly and ensures any stored items, including the accompanying battery bag, remain dry.

The sonar shield opens to a compartment designed to house any number of electronic fish finders. The shield prevents glare on the device screen while protecting the overall unit from sea spray, as the lid is spring loaded to stay in place. A transducer compatible scupper, located in one of the foot wells, provides unobstructed water access for depth finders.

The enclosed, sealed rod pod provides convenient storage and allows quick access from a seated position. The ample hull storage space is perfect for whatever objects users desire to store, including camera equipment, dry clothing, extra paddles, or fishing gear. The pod is also equipped with a sliding tray for tackle or smaller items. Two flush mounted rod holders provide a place to put rods while waiting for a bite, preparing a rod or unhooking a fresh catch.

The oversized, deep, stern tank well, supplies ample space to store bait, camping gear or coolers. Crisscrossed bungee cords hold supplies firmly in place. In fact, the Ocean Prowler Trident 15 is constructed with bungee cording from bow to stern, enabling owners to add numerous individual customizations. Highly visible, reflective, molded logos on the seat back and deck rigging, along with self-bailing scupper holes, ensure safety while out on the sea.

Side mounted carrying handles and specially designed bow, handgrip, toggles, allow kayakers to transport the craft on and off vehicles, across the beach, or in and out of the water. The latest version of the Ocean Prowler Trident 15 is available in yellow or sand, carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1149.00 and comes with a 1-year warranty.