Outdoor Books by Richard L. Jamison

One may have heard of “The Best of Woodsmoke,” but there is so much more by Richard Jamison. He has written a number of excellent outdoor books for anyone who loves the outdoors, and loves having the skills to experience nature to its fullest. One of the premier editors on this subject of our time, Richard Jamison is well-respected and renowned in outdoors circles around the world. He has edited a number of books, and one would be advised to check them all out, as they all provide unique and valuable information. For both the beginner in the outdoor world or the very experienced, Richard Jamison’s books can offer guidance and assistance to all.

“The Best of Woodsmoke,” put out by Richard Jamison, the editor of Woodsmoke Journal, is a new way to read about the outdoors, something that is very much needed with the modern lifestyle of speed, cities, and industrialization. “The Best of Woodsmoke” and more by Richard Jamison all give insights on leading a more primitive lifestyle, but doing it now, as a counter to all of the chaos of the lives most people live. Jamison examines the ways that early man lived, how he survived and what he did to make his life successful. He believes that many of these principles can be applied to daily life to make anyone happier and more fulfilled with the way they are living. He also believes that it is a necessary thing, as the world today is very much caught up in the city life, and there needs to be some group of people acting as a balance, keeping the old values that have been around since before time and history were recorded.

If one desires, there is also an older version of the book, published in 1982. It is called “The Best of Woodsmoke: A Manual of Primitive Outdoor Skills.” This version is in hardcover, so it is sure to be durable; one could take it into the forest on a hiking or camping excursion, using it as a reference for different things to do and look for on the trip. This version is older, granted, but that is also the beauty of Jamison’s work. He writes down things that are ancient and have now been forgotten as Man has forgotten what it is like to live in the forests, the mountains, and the wild places of the world. The information in a book from 1982, then, is just as valid and valuable as the information in a book published two weeks ago. It will also, for that matter, be just as valuable in twenty or thirty years, when there are new books and the world is a very different place even than it has turned into today.

If those are not enough, there is more by Richard Jamison. Published in March of 1999, “Primitive Outdoor Skills” gives the avid fan yet another 142 pages of insights from the pages of the Woodsmoke Journal. The picture on the cover is of a man sitting before a fire, and this is very apt, as the information in the book will prove beneficial to both men and women who desire this lifestyle. Whether one wants to learn about cooking over an open flame or surviving when an unexpected winter storm throws all its fury across the wilderness landscape, this book will give that information and so much more.

For anyone wanting to live close to nature, more in tune with all its greatness, the books edited by Richard L. Jamison are an excellent place to look. With insights and knowledge, everyone will find something to learn and practice within their pages.