Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight Review

Any outdoor enthusiast, whether you are an avid adventurer or a weekend warrior, knows that a flashlight can make or break any outdoor night event. There are so many flashlights out on the market that it can be hard to choose. While there are some good brands to purchase, you will find that any product made by Pelican Products is far superior in quality and construction. One of the top rated flashlights that you can find is the Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight.

The full size 8060 flashlight runs at 13 inches in length to ensure that you have control of your light source in any situation. Weighing in at 23.2 ounces, the 8060 is hefty and you should be aware that this flashlight should not be used for backpacking trips as it is too large to efficiently pack. Other than trips that require as little as possible, the 8060 can provide you one of the brightest light sources commercially available. With a blinding 190 lumens, you can be sure that everything you point the 8060 at will be illuminated. The light beam does not provide any dark spots like cheaper quality flashlights and can cut through fog and light smoke. The “Grenade Grip”, as it is referred to by Pelican, provides a comfort grip that is both functional and stylish. The 8060 has a slide switch that can be pushed for quick bursts of light or you can use the on/off function as well. An issue that many people come across with flashlights is that they might leave them on when left lens-down on a table or the ground. The 8060 gets around this functionality flaw by creating divots on the lens shell. This enables a user to see the light if the flashlight is left standing up on the lens.

One of the best features of the Pelican 8060 LED flashlight is the rechargeable NiMH battery pack that is included. This pack provides 6 hours of power to the flashlight. Pelican provides a charger, but you can also purchase a vehicle charger in order to charge the flashlight on the go. To fully charge the flashlight will take up to 4.5 hours, so make sure you have time to charge it before heading outdoors. Pelican created a system so you can take out the rechargeable battery and replace it with 4 C-cell batteries. This will provide another 11 hours of burn time in addition to the 6 that the rechargeable pack provides. The 8060 case provides some water protection for the battery pack, but know that it is only water resistant, not water proof. You can use it in the rain or drop it in the water and it will still work, but do not use it under water.

At a suggested price of $259.99, the Pelican 8060 can be pricey. If you take the time, you can find most places are selling them for around $150. Any outdoor enthusiast must remember though, that flashlights are important and no one wants one that will fail during a trip. The Pelican 8060 LED flashlight comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Pelican will replace the flashlight at any time if it is broken. That is how much they trust their product. On a scale of 1-5, the 8060 would be at a 4.5. The size and weight of the flashlight is the only reason it does not get a perfect 5. If you are looking for a full-sized flashlight, then you cannot go wrong with the 8060 LED by Pelican Products.