Pelican Water Tight Protective Pelicase

Pelican Products has been manufacturing rugged protective cases since 1974. There are quite a few excellent features in common across their entire line of products:
– Made from a lightweight, chemical-resistant, durable injection-molded polypropylene co-polymer plastic.
– Proof against impact, dust and dirt.
– Withstands temperatures from temperatures as low as -10 degrees F to as high as 210 degrees F.
– Water-tight due to the use of a 1/4″ neoprene O-ring seal.
– Pressure-resistant due to a Pressure Equalization Valve that, via a permeable membrane, allows air to escape or enter, but no liquids to pass through — a purge valve allows quick release of internal pressure due to altitude or temperature changes.
– Buoyant (the largest case can hold 500 pounds, and still float in salt water).
– Easy opening double-throw stainless steel latches, and articulated hinges.
– Foam padding, pre-scored into removable 1/2″ cubes for an easy custom fit for any object (one of their best features).

Pelican Pelicases are designed to be dependable in environments so extreme that everything else breaks but the case. In the factory, punishing temperature and vibration tests are conducted on these products at all extremes, as well as drop tests and leak tests. Internal and external deflection ribs are graduated to direct forces away from the point of impact. without breaking the ribs.

Many sizes and colors are available; the manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranges from $25 to $250 (or more!), depending on the model chosen.

Model 1780W (Largest):
– Dimensions (Interior): 42.00″ x 22.00″ x 15.10″
– Dimensions (External): 44.90″ x 25.32″ x 16.50″
– Weight: 68.4 pounds
– Buoyant with up to 500 pounds inside
– Available in black or tan exterior

Model 1660 (Large):
– Dimensions (Interior): 28.20″ x 19.66″ x 17.63″
– Dimensions (External): 31.59″ x 22.99″ x 19.48″
– Weight: 42.16 pounds
– Wheeled
– Buoyant with up to 350 pounds inside
– Available in black or tan exterior

Model 1500 (Medium):
– Dimensions (Interior): 17″ x 11.45″ x 6.12″
– Dimensions (External): 18.5″ x 14.12″ x 6.82″
– Weight: 7.05 pounds
– Buoyant with up to 50 pounds inside
– Available in black, silver, orange, yellow or tan exterior

Model 1120 (Small)
– Dimensions (Interior): 7.25″ x 4.75″ x 3.06″
– Dimensions (External): 8.12″ x 6.56″ x 3.56″
– Weight: 1.23 pounds
– Buoyant with up to 5 pounds inside
– Available in black, silver, orange, yellow, blue, or tan exterior

Model 0910 (Smallest, used for camera memory cards)
– Dimensions (Interior): 4.2″ x 2.3″ x .56″
– Dimensions (External): 5″ x 3.3″ x .95″
– Capacity: 8 SD cards, or 16 mini-SD cards
– Weight: .28 pounds
– Available in black exterior only

Pelican Protector Pelicases are ideal for:
– Camera equipment: camera bodies, lenses, tripods, camcorders, studio lights, digital cameras, infra-red cameras
– Sound equipment: tape recorders, speakers, microphones, mixing boards, turntables, CD players, amplifiers
– Audio-visual equipment: televisions, VCR’s, DVD players, projectors
– Computer equipment: external hard drives, monitors, keyboards, entire desktop computers, laptops, computer peripherals
– Medical equipment: external defibrillators, sample collection cases, water purification & treatment kits, EMT kits, rescue equipment
– Telecommunication equipment: two-way radios, portable radio transmitters
– Optical equipment: binoculars, telescopes, night-vision devices

And what about disaster survival? Fill a Pelican Pelicase with those irreplaceable items too large to take with you, and chain the locked case to a pipe or foundation post in your home before you evacuate — it’s proof against looters, floods, and even hurricanes.

For protecting your best stuff, on a scale of 1-5, I’ll rate the Pelican Protector Pelicase a 5.