Polaris Outlaw 525IRS Reviewed

The 2010 release of the Outlaw 525 is one of Polaris’ latest offerings in the ever popular all-terrain vehicle market. These vehicles, also known as ATVs, quad bikes, three wheelers or four wheelers, allow the operator to travel over unforgiving terrain.

The Outlaw was initially released in 2006 and the model went through several design changes and incarnations. Even then, the Outlaw was marketed as a high performance quad which earned the respect of even competition-level riders.

Although Polaris lists the Predator as their premier, top of the line ATV vehicle, the Outlaw does come in at a close second. The aggressive design was inspired by the Predator with its front half closely mimicking its predecessor.

Unlike most ATVs in the market which do not perform as expected in difficult terrain, Polaris-made quad bikes are built for abuse. Employing an independent rear suspension system, the Outlaw packs tough-looking A-arms with a pair of solid Fox Shox in rear of the vehicle. This allows the Outlaw to conquer most types of terrain while providing much needed comfort for the operator.

The 2010 edition also features a 510cc KTM racing engine. The competition-grade KTM, is a four stroke, liquid cooled engine that is extremely lightweight for its class. It also provides massive mid-rage torque and roll-on acceleration.

Equipped with premium Maxxis Razr radial tires (21×7-10 in front and 20×10-9 in the rear) operators can be confident when driving through different conditions and terrains. It also runs with a 5 speed transmission with reverse. As for ground clearance, the Outlaw 525 has a little over 5 inches of space available.

The Polaris Outlaw 525 does have a few faults. Compared to quad bikes with similar specifications, the Polaris is a tad heavier. Although not short on torque and power, the added weight may quash those with aspirations to use their Outlaw as a racing ATV even on an amateur level. Several riders have also reported a transmission system that is less than smooth at times. Getting the Outlaw into neutral may take some getting used to. Newer editions may have minimized the problem but the older versions may need some tweaking to take care of this issue.

The Polaris Outlaw 525 is certainly one of the most exciting quad bikes available. With an MSRP of $7,669, it is also comparatively more expensive than other quad bikes in the same category. Those who enjoy trail riding and have a little more money to spend should give the Outlaw 525 some serious thought. Having said that, recreational users who require less performance may want to settle for a cheaper ATV with a straight axle. If it were not for the price tag, the Outlaw would have rated higher. Given the excellent features though, it certainly deserves a three out of five.