PSE TAC 15 Crossbow

The PSE TAC 15 Crossbow is beyond anything you have ever seen before. It has more power and offers more flexibility than what anyone has seen before for the crossbow. As a result, AR enthusiasts, competitors, and hunters have something they can rely on. It features a crisp trigger that helps with accuracy and to keep noise quiet. Don’t be surprised it if becomes the most popular crossbow out there in no time at all.

It features a crank style draw. If that seems unusual to you, that is because very few crossbows out there offer this type of draw. It is a set up that is very easy to implement and that works quickly. You will be very happy with the overall process as soon as you try it out the first time. The PSE TAC 15 Crossbow features the D loop on the string which is held by the release pin.

This D loop design is the most popular design for release hook ups in most other fields of archery whether is be compound or traditional. When using a 425 grain bolt this crossbow will produce a type of kinetic energy of 145 to 153 feet pounds. This will push the arrow to speeds of up to 402 feet per second – but only when you are using a 425 grain bolt.

The weight of this bow is 8.9 pounds when the lower receiver and grip butt stock are installed. The peep draw weight is 155 pounds. The PSE TAC 15 Crossbow offers a split limb design with a black finish. This bow was tested and is capable of putting 6 arrows in a 2 inch pattern at 100 yards. That is quite a remarkable accomplishment and definitely shows the ability you have with competing when you are skilled with this particular type of crossbow in action.

The MSRP for the PSE TAC Crossbow is $1299. This is a great price when you consider that it is a package deal. All of the various accessories that you may need to get your crossbow set up and in top working condition are offered with it. You will also find that making adjustments is a very simple process. By doing so, you will easily be able to make this crossbow one that is perfect for your arm length, body style, and your use for it.

Even though this particular crossbow looks nice, there are other bows on the market that can shoot fast and have great knock down power. They are also more affordable. This one in all areas including design, style, handling, and accuracy, but the overall price can be tough for many people in today’s economy.

Overall there is a rating of 3 out of 5 for it. Keep in mind that the bolts you do need to use for this particular crossbow have to be purchased separately. To maximize the abilities you gain from it you need to only use those bolts that are specifically designed for this particular model of crossbow.