Reconyx RC60H0

As an upgraded version of the RC60, the Reconyx RC60H0 is perhaps the best trail camera on the market that is available for use by consumers. With an extra fifteen feet of night flash range over its predecessor, this camera offers excellent photography in low light settings. The trigger speed is very fast, with a 0.2 second response time as well as instant recovery time. Nothing else on the market offers anything comparable. In addition, the camera can be programmed so that it will take a picture of an animal only when it is within range, without any delay. In addition to this, the Reconyx RC60H0 also offers up an option referred to as “near video technology.” While the video is not of a high frame rate, this option causes the camera to take a series of pictures in rapid succession so that the animal’s movement can be captured and analyzed while it is in the detection range of the camera.

Unlike the RC55 and many other similar cameras, the Reconyx RC60H0 offers excellent stealth. The camera does not leave behind a red glow as a result of the infrared when the picture is taken. Whether set up to capture the movement of somebody trying to break into your home, or to capture an image of an enormous buck trotting across the trail, there will be no residual light to give away the position of the camera.

The Reconyx RC60H0 also offers security features that many other cameras do not. When you are first setting up the camera, you will also have the option of providing the camera with a password so that only you and anybody else that you want to be able to use the camera will be able to use it. If the camera were stolen, they would not be capable of using the camera. Reconyx also allows you to purchase a security box that will protect the camera from damage inflicted by animals such as bears, or from people who might attempt to vandalize it. The camera can be secured to a tree using a basic python cable. Considering the quality and quantity of features offered by the camera, it is actually surprisingly simple to set it up.

One of the best things about this camera is the variety of situations that it can be used for. It works excellently for trails, scrapes, rubs, bait, or businesses and homes. It is especially useful for people engaging in research projects. The camera has very few weaknesses, if any. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to capture pictures of a rare animal species or just the biggest buck in your local area, this trail camera is one of the best options available.