Redington Red.x Outfit

For Fly fishing enthusiasts, there is nothing so good as a reliable and high performance fly fishing rod. Redington has been innovating well performing and excellent valued equipment for fisherman from its headquarters in the Pacific Northwest since 1992. In that span of almost twenty years, they have built up an impressive reputation for quality products. Their Redington Red.x Outfit proves to be such a fine piece of fly fishing equipment. Its many merits are considered in the following paragraphs.

About the Redington Red X Outfit

The Redington Red X Outfit is a two piece fishing rod. This pole is actually a merging of two of the more popular Redington fishing poles ever created. The Crosswater reel was combined with the Red.Fly2 to forge an unrivaled fishing gear final result experience. The Croswater reel itself comes set up featuring a standard pre-spooling that includes backing and a weight forward floating line, as well as a tapered and knotless leader. The ensemble is completed by a Cordura burgundy travel case. Naturally the Redington Red.x Outfit has a life time warranty. Its MSRP is $200, as offered on the company’s official website

The Red.Fly2 Rod Component

The Red.Fly2 component of the outfit is impressive all by itself. It is simple to put together and comes pre-spooled for added convenience and ease. In only a few minutes, a fisherman is ready to hit the streams and rivers.

The rod fits in an individual’s hands comfortably. This is mostly due to its handle that is made from cork. The cork handle proves to be extremely lightweight to hold and easy to get a firm grasp on it.

The appearance of the rod is beautiful. With an attractive and gleaming finish, this rod is resistant to damage from both salt water and fresh water. The hardware is not only nice looking, but it is also durable and made with obvious quality.

The length of this outfit is ideal. It is not so long as to become hard to use in tight quarters. The Red.x Outfit does not prove to be too long to become entangled in trees and other shore based vegetation. A fisherman will find that he or she has ample room whether fishing in combat fishing or tight spaces.

Red.x Outfit Performance

Where performance is concerned, this Redington rod is simply amazing. It offers fast action and casts effortlessly and smoothly. The accuracy and sensitivity that a person gets from every cast is truly impressive. Casting becomes even easier thanks to the incredible line control. This allows for the fisherman to literally direct his or her cast to exactly the point that is desired. It even performs precisely over long distance casts. The drag also handles well. Getting fish back in to shore is simple and fun using this Reddington.

There is no doubt that there are more expensive fishing rod and reel combination units available on the market today. But all things considered, this Redington Red.x Outfit turns out to be an extremely reliable rod and reel combination that is available at a surprisingly reasonable price. The Red.x Outfit proves to be ideal for both seasoned fisherman as well as beginning fisherman. The best place to purchase this rod is directly from the manufacturer at their website of