Reel’em In with Bass Pro Shop’s Johnny Morris Gold

For some, fishing is a hobby that is enjoyed a few times per year with the family and friends at the local city lake. It is an activity that is relaxing, family oriented, relatively inexpensive, and lazy. However, for others, fishing is an obsession that weighs on one’s mind and plagues his or her dreams. Every night he or she dreams of hooking into the winning large mouth bass only to lose it just as he or she is bringing it to the boat. During the day that same person is constantly thinking of ways to ensure their past nightmares never happen. For those people, only the best fishing equipment will do, such as the Bass Pro Shops Johny Morris Gold casting reel. The Bass Pro Shops Johnny Martin Gold casting reel is one of the most sought after reels on the market for those discerning bass anglers that demand the best from their equipment. The Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Gold bait casting reel is the workhorse reel of the bass community and there is no doubt that professionals and hobbyists alike tout its superior quality.

Frame and Components

The Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Gold casting reel is built to be worked, pushed, and even abused as it has a frame manufactured out of solid aluminum that is cast all in one piece. Not only is the one piece frame aluminum, but the Johnny Morris Gold reel also utilizes two aluminum side plates as well, which allow for lightweight usage and more casts than before. This aluminum frame is finished with a deposition of gold titanium on the exterior, giving it the look and shine of superior quality. The craftsmanship does not stop there as its central gear drive is made with machined aluminum aircraft quality alloy for the crankshaft. The spool is also made with high quality aluminum and comes pre-drilled to ensure the maximum casting distance of most bait casting reels on the market. Taking a lesson and product of German engineering, the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Gold casting reel uses two double shielded stainless steel bearings for spool shaft support along with ten other German cast bearings to ensure the smoothest cast and retrieval. To help slow down some of those stiff casts and over casts as well, the reel features an advanced system of braking as well as a Teflon disc drag.

Other Specs

The Bass Pro Shops Johnny Martin Gold reel has been used by fishing enthusiasts and pros such as the famous Roland Martin. With a reel built to withstand any type of water with any type of fish, the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Martin Gold is recommended for large mouth bass fishing although there are virtually no environments where it would not thrive. A great way to find out if the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Gold bait casting reel is the right choice for you is by visiting your local Bass Pro Shop where you will be able to hold and feel the aircraft grade aluminum reel yourself. Take a rod recommended by one of the Bass Pro Shop customer service representatives and attach the Johnny Morris Gold to the rod to feel its lightweight frame. Test the balancing of the reel with other rods that are similar. One key is to find the proper rod to balance the weight of the reel, which will give you longer casts, more hours on the water without fatigue, and more fish in the boat.