REI Kingdom 6 Tent

Take the entire family camping for the weekend! REI’s Kingdom 6 tent offers ample space for up to six people to find shelter in the evenings. Rectangular, with an optional rain fly, windscreen and a freestanding design, this tent is ideal for large groups. Even in heavy weather conditions, this shelter can truly keep campers safe, as long as they are inside. Properly ventilated quarters are equally important, in the case of extreme heat and condensation, and an owner of this tent will truly realize that they have made the right choice.

Privacy can often be limited out in the wilderness, but REI has obviously made an effort to preserve some civilized qualities. As necessary, optional dividers can be installed with easy to use zippers, rendering the large chamber into two separate rooms. Each room has its own private door, complete with ventilated mesh panel and a window from which to admire the scenery or the morning sunlight. Thankfully, the door is weatherproof. While the rain, winds and hail render the landscape outside the REI Kingdom 6 tent unlivable; its inhabitants remain safe inside. Throughout the tent, mesh pockets litter the design and provide a solution for cluttered personal items and materials. Perfect for families, each member can have their own pocket in which to store their things.
Setting up the Kingdom 6 tent is surprisingly simple. Two pole assemblies form the necessary supports, while a series of clips keep the spacious ceiling from caving in on sleeping campers. As with most tents, stakes fasten it to the ground. If fellow outdoor enthusiasts are found wanting, an additional pole-supported vestibule is available for purchase and can be an easy way to expand a barren camp into a more comfortable living space. Coated nylon prevents most tearing and stress after much use, but if such a tragedy happens to befall a camper, a handy repair kit comes along with the tent and can alleviate most problems in a matter of minutes.
Once the time comes to pack up the REI Kingdom 6 tent, the fabric itself folds without much effort into a small bag easily carried on one’s back. It is all too often that a vital piece of a tent is lost whilst packing or transit due to a dearth of places to store such materials. However, this product has prepared for such events – each component has a corresponding compartment in the bag.

Price: $380

I would rate this product at about 4.5 out of 5. Certainly an excellent tent to give one’s family and friends shelter from the cold, heat and wind, the REI Kingdom 6 is best suited to casual weekend camping as opposed to intense backpacking hikes. It would be rather difficult to pack such a large thing into a pack and at a minimum weight of 17 pounds 3 ounces, the tent is hardly considered portable.