Remington R-15

The Remington R-15 is one of the newest models that this company offers in the area of semi automatic rifles. It was built with the AR-15 template; however, it comes with lots of hunter specific features. It is typically covered in mossy oak break up camo. This semi automatic rifle has a gas action single stage trigger and a free floating barrel.

The pickitinny rail is the full length of the rifle’s receiver. This makes adding optics very simple. The pistol grip of the Remington R-15 is ergonomically correct. This means you can use it continually and not have to worry about it causing any pain or damages to your hands or fingers.

This rifle is legal to use for hunting in most states, but not all of them. Should you want to use this gun for hunting it is recommended that you check the laws in the location where you plan to hunt. You do want to make sure you aren’t using any type of gun that is illegal as the repercussions can be severe.

The size and weight of the Remington R-15 are huge selling points. This is a lightweight rifle which is great for hunting if you have to carry it a long distance. There are many people that look at this particular model though for a means of home defense. Since it is easy to use and light they feel confident that they would be able to quickly access it in their homes if the need should ever arise.

The barrel lengths are offered in 22 and 18 inch. The overall length of the rifle varies from 36 ¼ and 40 and ¼ inches. These rifles come in popular calibers for varmint hunting. This includes the 223 REM all the way up to the 450 Bushmaster for large game hunting.

The Remington R-15 comes standard with four shot magazines. When purchasing this rifle there is a lockable hard storage case included. That helps to ensure that the ultimate level of safety is possible when you own such a firearm.

The stocks come in various designs such as collapsible and thumb hole versions. These are synthetic stocks. The Remington R-15 offers stocks and forends that are studded in order to accommodate slings and other accessories. The Remington R-15 is a higher priced rifle than many others.

The pickitinny rail offers the ability to add a wide variety of optics, lasers, and lights. This allows you to customize the look and the handling of your rifle to fit your own particular needs and style.

The MSRP is $1225 which may initially seem kind of steep. However, if you plan to use it frequently for hunting then you can justify the cost in no time at all. Remington does have a very solid reputation in this type of market. You can be confident that this particular model is going to be safe to use, it is going to handle nicely, and that you will enjoy the overall appearance of it.

The rating for this particular rifle is 4.5 out of 5. While it does offer plenty of versatility, it doesn’t get the 5 due to the expense. Rifles of this design though typically do run in the same ballpark.