Review Coleman Freestanding Organizer

You can easily locate the Coleman Freestanding Organizer right on the Coleman website ( The organizer is described as fitting easily into most tents, having 3 convenient shelves to organize camping equipment, and being made in China. Unfortunately, there are no additional details provided on the Coleman website regarding product dimensions or anything else. Reviews are not yet available on the Coleman website about this particular camping product.

You can purchase the Coleman Freestanding Organizer for as little as $10.99. This camping organizer can be found conveniently in many department and sporting goods stores as well as online. To locate the online suppliers of this product, simply run a search with the words “Coleman Freestanding Organizer.” You will be presented with multiple online suppliers to select from.

The organizer is lightweight, sturdy, and weighs about 3 pounds. It is stands approximately 3 feet high and is about 2 feet wide at the base. You can confidently expect to put your wallet, keys, and flashlight on any of the 3 shelves. This organizer does serve well in keeping camping items organized and easier to locate under common camping conditions (i.e. poor or no light, making it harder to locate your belongings).

Product assembly is straightforward and the directions on the box are user friendly and easy to follow. You can expect to completely set the organizer up in 1 minute. It conveniently folds down to approximately the size of a folded bath towel, making the storage of this camping product simple. It can easily be tucked under the car seat, virtually taking up no additional room in transport to your camping adventure.

As far as appearance, the Coleman Freestanding Organizer is only available in green. You might want to carefully consider the weight of the items you are planning on putting on the organizer. Placing heavier items on the shelves can cause some problems. Putting items similar in weight to cooking pots and pans on the 2 upper shelves can cause the organizer to tip over easily. Shoes are actually perfect to place on the bottom shelf of this organizer. Shoes, being considered a heavier item in comparison to keys and flashlights, serve perfectly as an anchor for the organizer. This makes it more stable and able to hold slightly heavier items on the upper shelves.

It would be beneficial to do your own personal “anchoring experiment” with the organizer before placing fragile items of value on the product. For example, perhaps you purchased the Coleman Freestanding Organizer for the sole purpose of putting your favorite, irreplaceable, lucky camping coffee mug on the organizer. Put your shoes on the bottom shelf and put an old, less valuable coffee mug on the organizer for about an hour. If you don’t have any stability problems with the old mug on the shelf, you can probably expect to be safe putting your irreplaceable mug on the organizer too.

The Coleman Freestanding Organizer definitely provides the camping consumer with some piece of mind. This organizer allows you to get your belongings off the ground, making your entire camping experience more hygienic. You can feel confident placing items like baby bottles, pampers, pacifiers, and medications on this organizer. That is certainly more hygienically appealing than placing these important belongings in a camping bag right on the floor of the tent.

On a scale of 1 to 5, cunsumers rate the Coleman Freestanding Organizer an average of 4.3. Personally, I would give the Coleman Freestanding Organizer an overall customer satisfaction rating of a 4. The best reason to purchase this product in my opinion is hygiene.