Review Of The Trek 4300 Disc

For a mid-priced mountain bike, you really can’t do much better than the Trek 4300 Disc. This popular offering from Trek focuses on durability and maneuverability with some fantastic results.

The 4300 Disc has an aluminum frame that’s lighter than many mountain bikes, but nowhere near the lightness of a good road bike or top-of-the-line mountain biking model. It’s really not supposed to be. The added weight doesn’t come with compromised maneuverability, and the Spinner 300 suspension keeps each ride smooth and enjoyable.

Shimano 360 8 speed shifters give you the versatility that you’ll need for almost any trail, and right down to the Bontrager Evoke 1 saddle, it’s a smooth ride for a mid-range mountain bike. However, the real attraction of the Trek 4300 Disc is its disc brakes, which give the bike its surname and provide some fantastic control.

The hydraulic disc brakes of the Trek 4300 Disc are designed for smooth braking, and deftly avoid the touchy nature of other mountain bike brakes. They’ll stop on a dime, and if you take care of them, they feel like they’ll last. The hydraulics help the bike’s overall feeling of control, and they’re worthy enough to take out on hard trails without any issues. Some bikers feel that disc brakes can mess with a bike’s balance, but it’s hard to make that case with the Trek 4300 Disc. It’s just a solid all around bike, and the brakes only add to the feeling of power and maneuverability that has made the Trek 4300 Disc such a popular buy.

The Trek 4300 Disc retails for $659.99 MSRP, although you can probably find it for a bit less online or at your favorite local bike store. I wouldn’t choose this bike to get around town, as it’s too heavy for commuters and it looks a bit city on a nice, paved city street. However, if you have any interest in trail biking, but you’re not ready to commit more than five or six hundred bucks to the cause, the Trek 4300 Disc is right up your alley. It’s a competent, fun mountain bike that overcomes its minor issues with a tremendous amount of style and some serious muscle. To put things simply, you’ll absolutely love its off road features.

If you’re drawn to the 4300 Disc, I’d recommend taking one out for a quick test drive if possible. Make sure that you like the way that it handles, as it’s a unique mountain bike. Most outdoor bikers will love the comparatively low price tag and amazing features of the 4300 disc.

4 out of 5.