RWS M54 Diana Air King Reviewed

It took many years of testing and hard work to create an anti-recoil system that completely eliminates recoil but it has finally been done. The RWS M54 Air King Air Rifle features a floating action that slides on steel rails and is virtually recoilless. This was a feat thought impossible before the release of this top of its class air rifle.

Recoil is eliminated by the action, which slides back slightly and moves away from the stock just enough to absorb the recoil. This gives the pellet time to leave the barrel before any of the shockwave is felt by the shooter. Not only does this practically eliminate the recoil, it also increases accuracy. The barrel jump normally associated with recoil is completely a non-issue with this air rifle.

The elimination of recoil does not hurt performance. The simple yet strong RWS M54 Air King Air Rifle clocks in at a respectable 1100 FPS with .177 caliber pellets and a still decent 900 FPS with .22 caliber pellets. Combine impressive power with the added accuracy gained because of the lack of recoil and you have a rifle that is perfect for long range pest shooting or even competitive target shooting.

The RWS M54 Air King Air Rifle has an adjustable trigger so you can tailor the trigger pull to your liking. This lever-cocking gun features a Monte Carlo style stock with a cheekpiece, an adjustable rear site and a scope rail for added accuracy. Safety features include an automatic safety that resets itself after the rifle is fired. You can choose from 2 calibers of pellet, either .177 or .22.

This level of performance doesn’t come cheap. The RWS M54 Air King Air Rifle has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $750.00 but can be found on the Internet for as low as $650.00. The gun is protected by the RWS Limited Lifetime Warranty so it may be the last lever-cocking air gun you will ever need to purchase.

The only fault I could find with this weapon, other than the hefty price tag, is the weight. It weighs in at a heavy 9 pounds, which could become a problem if you plan on carrying it in the field for long periods of time. If you are using it at the range or for pest control this will probably be a non-issue. This gun gets a 4 out of 5 star rating because it is the only gun in its class that completely eliminates recoil. The only thing keeping the RWS M54 Air King Air Rifle from getting a perfect score is the weight and the steep price point.