Sako 85 Finnlight

We expect more from a mountain rifle than we do from other types of rifles used for hunting. First, we expect it to be as accurate as a varmint rifle in order to take long distance shots on order to be successful under situations that may happen only a few times in a lifetime. Second, we want it to be durable enough to take with us on a mountain. Third, we expect it to be easy to carry both in shape and in weight. Obviously, the first two expectations make it difficult to meet the third expectation as well.

Finding a rifle that is capable of meeting all three of these standards is difficult. Such a rare find should take on a position of high importance in any hunter’s gun safe. The Sako 85 Finnlight is just such a mountain rifle, and for this reason it has been considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, rifles to come out in 2009.

If you had to sum up the features and advantages of the Sako 85 Finnlight in one word, that word would most likely be “secure.” The grip has been redesigned with a palm swell, ergonomically fitting into the hunter’s hands in such a way that it is not only comfortable, but solid to hold onto. The synthetic stock comes complete with inserts that make the surface easy to grip with no slippage. What remains of the stock is also made from a material that does not feel slick in your hands. Since mountains are prone to bad weather, it is good to know that this rifle will stay in your hands regardless of water, snow, or ice. As an added bonus, the box magazine is mounted flush. It can not be removed from the action without deliberately trying to do so. While it can be slightly difficult to master the technique required to remove the magazine, the added security is worth the hassle.

Even with a surprisingly low weight of five pounds and six ounces, the Sako 85 Finnlight is an incredibly accurate rifle. The action is very reliable. With light weight, great accuracy, security, and durability, this is definitely a gun that you can trust when you are on the hunt.