Saltwater Fishing Made Easy by Martin Pollizotto

Saltwater fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing that one can participate in. There are many different aspects to saltwater fishing although one of the most challenging and rewarding is surf fishing. Surf fishing does not require the use of a boat although there are certain areas in the United States where surf fishermen can catch many of the same fish onshore as fishermen who venture offshore in boats. At Cape Hatteras National Seashore, surf fishermen can fish for King Mackerel, Red Drum, flounder, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, and Bluefish. These fish can provide the same excitement from shore as from a boat. In fact, many people say that this fishing is much more exciting from shore than in a boat. For those who plan on participating in surf fishing, he or she should keep in mind a few things that will aid him or her in their quest for large game fish.

There are many different rods and reels that can be used when fishing from shore. Larger combinations are used when fishing for King Mackerel, Red Drum, and Cobia, which are called heavers. Heavers are large rods that range from eleven to fifteen feet long. These rods are coupled with conventional reels such as the Penn 525 or a Daiwa SL30SH. These reels allow for the user to cast up to three hundred yards, which in many places is past the breakers. Fish such as Cobia and King Mackerel are usually found in deeper water, which is why one needs a rod of this sort. The reel should be spooled with at least fifteen pound test line and outfitted with about thirty feet of leader line twice the poundage of the spool line. The rig used with this rod and reel combo is called a “drum rig” or fish finder. The rig uses a number six circle hook attached to a swivel by fifty pound test. The weight is added before the swivel is tied to the leader. Casting these types of rods can be challenging although once one learns to cast, he or she will probably be hooked on that type of fishing.
Spinning Rods
When fishing for other species such as Spanish Mackerel or Bluefish, one should invest in a nine foot spinning rod. Spinning rods are for casting lures that must be retrieved very quickly. This type of rod and reel combo normally uses a rod that is nine feet long and a spinning reel that can hold at least 275 yards of twelve pound test line. There are many types of rigs that can be used with this combination. For instance, one of the most popular rigs for a surf rod such as this is the double bottom rig. This rig is simply a line with three terminal ends. One end is for the weight and the other two terminal ends hold hooks. This rig can be fished for any type of species of fish and is great for baits such as cut mullet and shrimp. Another great rig to use is the Carolina rig. The Carolina rig is a very simple rig that consists of only one knot. Thread a one ounce egg sinker through the terminal end of the line as well as a small bead. After the bead is threaded, tie a swivel onto the terminal end. To the other loop of the swivel, tie a leader line with a single hook. Bait the single hook, cast, and retrieve the line slowly. The Carolina rig is one of the most effective retrieval rigs and is very easy to use.