Savage Arms M11 FHNS

The Savage Arms M11 FHNS is a great rifle. Savage is a brand name that people have come to trust over the years. This particular model is available in the smaller 22-250 REM and the 223 REM. It is a good rifle to consider for varmit hunting. The 308 WINN is a good choice for large game. Such versatility allows you to be able to choose the Savage Arms M11 FHNS that you are the most interested in.

The stock is aluminum based material over molded with synthetic. With the aluminum bedding, this increases the strength and rigidness of the stock. As a result, your overall accuracy is gong to increase. This rifle comes standard with Savage’s accu trigger. Savage was the first manufacturer to come out with the adjustable trigger in 2003. It has been a huge success and you will find that many other gun manufacturers have copied it.

The stock color is black with a matte finish. The Savage Arms M11 FHNS is an attractive looking rifle. The barrel is machined from carbon steel and blued with a satin finish. The receiver has a hinged floor plate. This rifle doesn’t come with any sights but it is drilled and tapped for you to mount a scope if you wish.

In a rifle test conducted in 2009, the Savage Arms M11 FHNS was able to put a five shot group in a 1 inch circle. This shows it is excellent in the area of accuracy. Out of all the rifles tested, this one had the second tightest group out of all of them.

This is a light gun that weighs about 6 pounds, so you don’t have anything to worry about if you will be carrying it around for long periods of time. The lightweight of it makes it possible for you to do simple hunting or to be safe with it when you are going out into the forest area.

The pistol grip area and the forend area have deep checkering for added grip and stability. The bolt travel path is very smooth too which is a huge selling point for this rifle. This stock was created to squeeze from the side and the back as the bullet is being processed through the chamber.

The Savage Arms M11 FHNS has a MSRP of $656 which is a bit pricy. However, if you are looking for a great rifle that is versatile for hunting you will find that the price is justified. This is going to be a great looking gun that also is going to last for a long time. Not only does it look nice but it also offers you quality handling.

The overall rating on a scale up to 5 is a 4 for the Savage Arms M11 FHNS. This is a good gun to consider if you need something for hunting. It is also a great rifle to consider for using on a regular basis or if you go hunting only seasonally and need to get it out occasionally.