Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Canoe

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What could be more fun than to spend some time and a little energy maneuvering an inflatable canoe down a lazy river or across a placid lake? The Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Canoe provides novice mariners or experienced kayakers with the opportunity to do just that. The NMMA certified watercraft is designed for the average outdoors person in mind and is suitable for a day out canoeing on the water, fishing, snorkeling and skin diving, or as a smaller transport for larger sea vessels.

Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Assemble

Hard shell models are bulky and require more than one person to load the canoe onto a vehicle in addition to hauling it to the water. However, that is not a problem with the 370 inflatable canoe. This Sea Eagle craft conveniently comes with its own portable carrying bag, and is small enough to fit in any vehicle without the hassle of an overhead roof rack.

Weighing in at a mere 32 lbs., the watercraft is easily carried by one person. Yet, when inflated, the canoe accommodates up to 3 adults, and contains storage space to spare. The Sea Eagle 370 capably holds up to 650 lbs. Designed with 3 one-way valves in the floor, port, and starboard sections, the total inflation time is under 10 minutes. The craft also comes equipped with inflatable, detachable seats. The Sea Eagle 370 Pro Canoe is the same model, but contains high backed seats. Front and rear rope handles further add portability across land, and when transferring the canoe in and out of the water.

Sturdy Construction

Constructed with 33 ml Polykrylar, the Sea Eagle 370 is suitable for any water environment including rapids up to class 3 levels. Designed to be durable and sturdy, the craft withstands sand, coarse gravel, stones, driftwood and pet paws. The seams are welded together with enough force; the canoe appears as one solid structure.

The floor contains rigid I beam construction and contains a self-bailing drain valve. The canoe is also equipped with inflatable spray skirts. 2 skegs (small rudders) on the hull of the craft provide faster, smoother sailing with less wandering and wavering. Canoe and kayak experts boast the overall design of this inflatable canoe prevents tipping and rollovers often experienced with hard shell models.

Exterior measurements: 12’2” x 2’10”
Interior measurements: 10’8” x 1’1”
Deflated measurements: 31” x 19” x 8”

All Inclusive Package

The Sea Eagle 370 inflatable canoe retails for anywhere from $250 to $300 and the company provides a 3-year warranty against manufacture defects. The Sea Eagle 370 Pro starts at around $300. Prices do not include shipping and handling. The affordable, convenient inflatable canoe is packaged fully equipped and includes:

Carrying bag
Foot pump
Pressure gauge
Repair kit

The product deserves 4 stars for affordability, portability and ease of set-up. There are few drawbacks with the Sea Eagle 370 canoe. Because of the canoe’s overall light weight, more muscle is required to power the craft when windy conditions occur. Individuals with little or no experience with inflatable watercraft need to make sure valves are tightly secured before entering the water. New boaters may want to spend time in shallow water prior to exploring deeper environments until familiar with canoe handling. Life jackets or vests should be worn by all passengers while on the water.