Shimano Symetre: A Superb Reel for the Price

The Shimano Symetre is the perfect choice in spinning reels for those who want a good quality product without paying a lot of money for it. Some say it is the smoothest, most quiet, durable, and easily maintainable reel they have ever used. Well-built, strong, and lightweight, it’s a real value in top-of-the-line fishing reels. But then, it is a Shimano. It’s everything you would expect in a solid, ultra-lightweight spinning reel in this price range, and more. Excellent choice for those who need to cast a very light lure or for those who don’t want to rip up their live bait while getting some extra distance on the cast.

The one thing you keep hearing folks say when they use this reel is “smooth.” The Symetre is a very tight and well balanced reel capable of laying down a line more evenly on the spool which allows for a longer distance when casting, which is smooth and effortless. This reel’s retrieve is smooth, precise, and lash-free. Some say this reel is one of the smoothest mid-grade spinning reels available on the market today.

Another great feature of the Symetre is the easily accessible maintenance port which allows for easy access to the internal gears and workings of this reel. It just makes this spinning reel so easy to take care of. Some who have owned the Symetre for several years say that with proper, regular maintenance, this reel performs just as well as the first day it was purchased.

Technical Details

If you’ve been around fishing reels for any amount of time you know that as a general rule, noisy reels that create a lot of vibration are typically cheaply constructed and will not last very long. Not to mention what a poorly constructed reel will do to your casting distance. On a long day of serious fishing, that can get old real fast. Good quality bearings usually mean less noise and vibration and that is certainly the case with the Symetre which uses 5 of Shimano’s A-RB anti-rust ball bearings. These special ball bearings are said to be up to ten times more resistant to corrosion than standard stainless steel ball bearings used in some other reels.

Except for the Model 750, all the Symetre spinning reels are encased in an aluminum frame, protecting the inner workings from the outside elements. All models have a graphite side plate and rotor and the cold-forged aluminum spool design. Because this reel operates under slow oscillation, and utilizes the patented Shimano Line Twist Prevention Technology feature, there is less friction when the line comes off the spool resulting in a smooth, even, and longer distance cast. Less friction, elimination of spaces and gaps in the line, and the slower oscillation make it easy to cast your line in a controlled, parallel pattern. This reel also utilizes the Super StopperĀ® II anti-reverse roller bearing to help get rid of any backplay. Even though other similar spinning reels in the same price range may have more bearings, they can’t beat the Symetre for strong, quiet, and smooth operation.

The Shimano Symetre is available in three different models. The Symetre model 1500FI has a 6/130 line capacity and a gear ratio of 6.0:1. The Symetre model 2500FI has a 8/140 line capacity with the same gear ratio as the 1500. The Symetre model 4000FI has a larger 10/200 line capacity with a 5.7:1 gear ratio. As usual, Shimano provides nothing but the best in these smooth, strong, and durable spinning reels.