Shooter’s Bible: The World’s Bestselling Firearms Reference by Jay Cassell

There is a reason why Shooter’s Bible: The World’s Bestselling Firearms Reference by Jay Cassell remains such a perennially seller. The world of firearms is a complex one. All manner of firearms have been designed over the years. Some are still maintained as relics and collectibles. Others serve specific law enforcement purposes. Some are for self-protection. Then there are others designed to work as the perfect target shooting device. No matter what you own individual reason for purchasing a particular firearm, this guidebook certainly comes in handy. It provides all the needed information you would require whenever you needed to look something up about a particular firearm.

This is most definitely not a publication that has escaped the attention of gun enthusiasts. Several million copies have been sold since its original publication. Considering the fact that this book covers all manner of firearms – handguns, rifles, and shotguns – it is no surprise that so many collectors and owners have purchased a copy of it. Many of those millions of copies that have been sold are completely dog eared from constant use. Consider that a good reason to purchase it. Col. Tom Parker once said “Ten million Elvis fans can’t be wrong.” Such logic can be applied to the purchase of this particular book. It has sold millions of copies because it delivers on expectations. No matter what you wish to learn about firearms this is the book to buy.

You could consider this work to be the most comprehensive of all reference guides ever published. This work first appeared in print way back in 1923 and it has been modified and updated many times over the years. The most current versions of this publication feature all the new firearms that have been released along with insights into the classic ones that were produced in previous generations. Specific article related to weapons designed for hunting appear alongside articles that deal with the mechanical specifications of various weapons. Again, this is a highly comprehensive work that presents all facets of the work in great detail. No matter what subject you need information on you will find it in this particular volume.

Of course, no firearm has much value without proper bullets. Those interested in learning the basics of ballistics and how they relate to an individual firearm can look at the comprehensive ballistic charts available within the publication. Matching the proper bullet to a specific firearm and its purpose is a must. In hunting, this is an absolute must or else you will undermine your ability to succeed in your outdoor adventure.

Another incredibly informative component to the Shooter’s Bible: The World’s Bestselling Firearms Reference by Jay Cassell is the comprehensive price guide. Many people may wonder what certain items in their collection may be worth and this guide will surely tell them. And what if there is a particular item you wish to purchase for your collection? How do you know the price offered is within the proper range? This guide will help direct you towards an accurate assessment of the actual value of a particular gun, shotgun, or rifle. While not a price guide per se, this work does offer a quality look into the costs associated with certain items. That alone should be a major reason to purchase this book.

There is no facet of firearms that is left uncovered in Shooter’s Bible: The World’s Bestselling Firearms Reference by Jay Cassell. For those that are collectors of firearms, owning a copy of this particular publication will greatly enhance your potential to expand your knowledge on any firearm you have an interest in.