Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty reviewed

The Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty is a high intensity tactical flashlight, perfect for lighting up dark areas with a powerful and concentrated beam of light. It’s bright enough to completely illuminate the darkness, yet precise enough to assist even the most precarious situations. Containing a 280 lumen Cree LED, it is guaranteed to always provide a smooth beam of light, and backed up by an exclusive Sightmark warranty, you know it will never fail.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty is a solid piece of equipment. Its type II mil-spec anodized exterior makes it one of the most durable flashlights on the market, capable of withstanding extreme heat, impact, and as it is even O-ring sealed, virtually waterproof. It is also corrosion-resistant, which will fight wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Even after the most stressing situations, it will look as perfect as it did the day you bought it.

The Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty contains both an end cap and a touch activated pressure pad, guaranteeing that you’ll be prepared for any situation you might find yourself in. The end cap features a 2-stage push on/off button, with a setting to momentarily turn it on, as well as one to turn it on permanently. The package also includes a lanyard, a removable clip, a three-prong glass breaking ring (which can be replaced with a flat ring if desired), and batteries. Inside the flashlight is a multi-faceted reflector, directing the ultra-bright LED into a compressed beam, making the Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty one of the brightest flashlights on the market. The package also includes an off-set Weaver rail compatible weapons mount, the ergonomic design of which allows easier activation of the flashlight.

All in all, the Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty is an extremely heavy-duty flashlight, capable of taking a harsh beating and still working like brand new, making its overall rating a 5 out of 5. It won’t be damaged by water, nor will it be shattered by pressure or impact. If you want a professional flashlight that will take a beating and still keep on ticking, the Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty is just what you’re looking for.