Specialized Hardrock Sport

The Specialized Hard Rock Sport bicycle could be called an all purpose, all terrain bicycle. For whatever a person’s needs are, the bicycle provides durability and utility. It is useful for a number of diverse environments, including mountain biking. On top of this, it is available at an entry level mountain bike price of only $330 MSRP. One can read on to learn all about it.

Design and Layout of the Specialized Hard Rock Sport Bicycle

The Specialized Hard Rock Sport bike is built with a durable A1 premium aluminum cast frame. It features an externally relieved head tube, forged dropouts, and a reinforced disc brake mount. It is made with high quality Shimano parts that have stood the test of time. The grips are specialized Enduro brand grips, and it has a dual density Kraton. With a body geometry that is specialized, it comes with an ATB saddle style seat. All in all, it is a quality constructed bicycle available at a truly reasonable price.

Upsides of the Specialized Hard Rock Sport Bicycle

The bike has a variety of upsides besides the price. The strengths of the Specialized Hard Rock Sport bicycle lie in its Manitou manufactured Answer Pro fork and terrific Shimano components. The frame is supremely durable. At the same time, it proves to be surprisingly light.

Downsides of the Specialized Hard Rock Sport Bicycle

Like with all products, the Specialized Hard Rock Sport bike has its downsides too. The stock saddle hurts riders when the ride is especially bumpy. The tires that come standard on the bicycle are a Specialized Hard Rock brand that are not especially beloved by many riders. The prior models of the bicycle also did not include an option to upgrade to disk brakes, which are critical for steep down hill terrain. It should be noted that the newer versions of the bicycle do come with such an option.

Simplicity of the Specialized Hard Rock Sport Bicycle

While some users complain that this bicycle is not merely entry level, but a skeleton of a mountain bike, this is only one way of looking at it. Other people see the beauty of the Hard Rock Sport bike in its simplicity. This bicycle does a superior mountain biking job over any other comparable bicycle that is up to three times its price. It features all elements that an all terrain biker needs, and does not clutter the bicycle up with things that are not necessary.

Specialized Hard Rock Sport Maintenance and Upgrades Needs

The maintenance involved in the bicycle proves to be a minimal amount. No special skills to maintain it are required. It simply needs to be taken care of properly. Besides this, one might put the bicycle through a few minor upgrades. Lock Tight grips could be installed, and the stock saddle bicycle seat could be replaced with a far more comfortable gel based one. With some basic tune up from the area bicycle shop once in a while, this Specialized Hard Rock Sport bicycle will last as long as a person’s interest in the sport.

For a person who would like to have a good mountain terrain bike experience, but who is not yet sure if the sport is really for them, this is an ideal bicycle. For entry level mountain bikers, it allows them to get their feet wet in the sport without breaking the bank. The maintenance levels are similarly appropriate for a person who is not prepared to invest all of his or her time and money into the new sport and bicycle. As it is both light weight and dependable, the new bicycler can take it out on professional and expert level trails without any undue concern or fear.