Stag Arms M7

Stag Arms M7 is an excellent rifle that is used for hunting and home protection. Most people do realize it is a top contender for small game and large game hunting. However, it is also starting to be one that people look at for home security. This is because the rifle is durable, easy to use, and light weight. The fact that accuracy is very high with it also means that people feel secure using it. The weight and shorter length of this rifle also make is simple to practice with.

Stag Arms has an amazing reputation when it comes to the world of firearms. They certainly haven’t left their loyal followers disappointed with the M7 model. They are a worldwide manufacturer, and a leader when it comes to the AR-15 template. This rifle was specifically designed for hunters in mind. This is due to the fact that it offers the ability to have a fast follow up with a semi automatic rifle.

This rifle was designed to expand their customer base by adding the avid outdoorsman. In the past Stag Arms was passed over by some of the other brands for this particular market. However, they have changed all of that and they continue to strive to make improvements. The Stag Arms M7 is said to be one of the best rifles you can find in this particular category.

This gun is offered in 6.8 mm and weighs less than 7 pounds. That makes it very light to take out for long distances. It has great knock down power too, and that is something you don’t always find with a lightweight rifle. The design allows for a hunter to be out there for long periods of time and long distances without the burden of something heavy to be toting around.

This is a very popular rifle for hunting predators. It is also great for hunting big game at a moderate range. This caliber offers great stopping power with the comfort of a lower rate of recoil. That makes it less intimidating and great for anyone to use. It was first tested in 2009 and it was proven to be very effective at the range of 250 yards.

The Stag Arms M7 offers a 20 inch barrel. It is made out of stainless steel with a 1:11 twist ratio. Accuracy, ballistics, and overall performance of this rifle are amazing. It continues to get top reviews in all of these areas from consumers as well as independent gun testers.

The two stage trigger makes the Stag Arms M7 a very safe rifle to use. There is a safety switch that is easily accessed with your thumb. You don’t have to remove your hand from the pistol grip in order to access it. That difference can save you seconds that are valuable when it comes to hunting or to self defense.

It comes standard with a five round magazine. It also comes complete with a houge pistol grip which has a free floating hand guard. It also offers an over molded hand trigger guard. It is optics ready with a pre mounted scope rail.

You can buy a Stag Arms M7 for MSRP of $1,055 which can be deemed as high in the budget of many. However, when you consider that this particular rifle has earned top ratings in all areas, a 5 out of 5, it means that you are definitely getting overall value when you invest in it. This particular rifle also have a high resell value too.