The Cannondale Jekyll Mountain Bike

The Cannondale Jekyll is one of the best mountain bikes on the market. It is a great bike for all riders. This is true whether the individual is a beginning mountain biker or an experienced professional. This high quality mountain has a suggest manufacturer’s retail price of $1200. However, it can often be purchased on sale for less at your local retailers.

The specifications for this mountain bike include some of the best parts on the market. It has a Fox Flood RL Pro Redal rear shock, which helps minimize bumps and jarring while traveling down the trail. The heavy duty, yet light weight, rims are Sun Black Eye Discs with 32 inch holes. The tires are IRC Serac XC and are 26 inches by 2.1 inches. The hubs for this bike are Cannondale’s own Fire Discs which help increase the durability of the entire bike.

The pedals, handlebars, and shifters, are all high quality made parts as well. The pedals are made from alloy cage and include a clip and strap. These help keep your feet from slipping while traveling down the trail. The handlebars are also made by Cannondale. These are the company’s Cannondale Earth handlebars and have a 15 millimeter rise to them. The shifters are SRAM X-7 Trigger which make shifting while riding easier and smoother.

The crank and brake system is also made of extremely high quality parts. The crank is a Shimans 9-speed, which gives greater flexibility with the gears. The break set is an Avid BBD Disc and the break levers are Cannondale Earth. Together they create a superb brake system that can stop on a dime.

The Cannondale Jekyll comes in four different sizes, from small to extra large. The smallest style of this bike is obviously the lightest but the other sizes are fairly light weight when compared to other bikes on the market. This Cannondale mountain bike is available in two different color schemes. The first color scheme is a black frame with a sterling silver swing arm. The second color scheme also features the sterling silver swing arm but offers a patriot blue frame.

There are very few things to dislike about the Cannondale Jekyll. The biggest problem I found was the stock IRC tires. These tires tend to pop easily when going over rough terrain, but were find on smoother trails. More experienced riders will most likely want to put more aggressive tires on their mountain bike.

Overall I would rate this bike as a 4.5 out of 5. It is really a great, high quality mountain bike. Cannondale has definitely manufactured a high quality mountain bike that is at the top of the list for awesome mountain bikes. Anyone who is looking to purchase a superior quality mountain bike that will last a lifetime can not go wrong with the Cannondale Jekyll.