The Complete Book of Fire

Whether you are a person who enjoys spending a major part of your time exploring the great outdoors or you are looking for gift ideas for the outdoors enthusiast on your list, The Complete Book of Fire is highly recommended. This book is filled with useful information concerning the use of fire and how it relates to cooking, light, warmth and survival when spending time outdoors. You will learn everything from how to correctly start a campfire to the various ways to use fire as a survival tool when needed. This book is even compact enough to pack in your camping or hiking gear when heading out on the trails so that it can be used for referencing if the need arises.

Written by outdoor wilderness expert Buck Tilton, who has a long history of outdoor experience. Buck spent 15 years of his life living in a cabin in the wilderness using fire in all aspects of his survival. He heated the cabin solely with wood that he obtained through cutting down trees, splitting and stacking to get through the extreme cold. He also worked with the United States Forestry Service, helping them to battle forest fires. Buck passes on to the reader the importance of respecting fire, the dangers that can succumb if you do not know how to correctly use it and the importance fire plays on surviving when needed. Currently this author has written over 15 books that are in print about his experiences with the wilderness.

This book is through when it comes to giving the reader a complete understanding of what fire has been responsible for as far as its contributions to the existence of mankind through the years. You will find full diagrams of how to start a fire using nothing more than sticks and a string, how to start a fire using sparks from rocks and how to keep the fire going for the time needed. Diagrams also show how to boil contaminates from water using nothing more than wood so that the water will be safe for your consumption.

Did you know that there are even times when starting a fire can actually put you in more danger when out in the wild? Buck Tilton lets you know when you will be more safe not using fire to get through your time outdoors. The most common reasons for this is the likelihood of starting a wildfire, the presence of harmful chemicals that may be combustible and when you may not want your presence known.

At a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of just $12.95, this is a definite book worth picking up whether it is your first time outdoors or you are an outdoors expert. You never know when extra reference material will be needed, when emergencies will arise or you simply want to educate yourself on new survival tips that may be useful in the future.

On a scale of 1 to 5 this book gets a definite 5 for its simple to read and understand format, the amount of information it makes available and the price. So get your copy of The Complete Book of Fire by Buck Tilton today. You will be glad that you did.