The Horton Vision 175 Crossbow

The crossbow is hardly a new invention. It was developed centuries ago and was often a major factor in the outcomes of many medieval military actions. Of course, the crossbow is no longer used in warfare. On a global scale, it is barely used for hunting. For archery and target practice, the crossbow remains a very popular device. And no two models of crossbows are alike. Those hoping to spend a little time on the range doing a little target shooting are advised to look into purchasing the Horton Vision 175 crossbow. Again, there are a lot of crossbows on the market. Some of which has a lot to offer in terms of function and accuracy. When you really search for a top of the line crossbow that exceeds on all expectations of performance, you will definitely want to acquire the Horton Vision 175 crossbow.

This is a truly excellent crossbow that has much to offer no matter what your own individual skill level may be. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or you are someone that is completely new to the hobby, this particular crossbow can prove to be the best possible purchase. It delivers exactly what you would want during an archery excursion.

Let’s take a look at what this crossbow has to offer….

This particular crossbow is a scaled down version of a much larger crossbow known as the reCon 175. The scaled down size does not hinder the ability of the crossbow to deliver on expectations. The Horton Vision 175 crossbow maintains all the tactical advantages of the larger model even with its compact size. You can feel absolutely confident that this model will do what is expected of it when it comes time to hit the target.

Contributing to the ability to make an accurate shot, the stock handle of this crossbow is among the most effective designs in the industry. The stock has been modified so that your face can rest comfortably against it. Additionally, the forearm area is highly comfortable as well. This attribute will certainly contribute to the potential to make accurate shots.

The Horton Vision 175 crossbow also comes with an excellent scope. You can get a bead on a target from quite a far distance. Obviously, this also contributes greatly to the potential to make accurate shots. Since this excellent scope comes with the crossbow, you need not be concerned about having to pay extra to purchase a more accommodating one. The Horton Vision 175 crossbow scope is top of the line. You will not need to purchase another one.

The draw weight on this particular crossbow is 175lbs which is an enormous amount of pressure. And yes, all this draw weight is delivered by a cross bow that only weighs 8lbs. The compact size of the crossbow makes it easy to carry and sling. Certainly, that will prove helpful to those that may have to trek quite a bit to get to their target area.

This is also a fairly inexpensive crossbow which means those looking for an excellent device that will not set them back a great deal of money will be pleasantly surprised at the cost-effectiveness of this particular item. And, once again, this is an excellent crossbow for both beginner and advanced practitioner. Those looking to an inexpensive primary learning crossbow or an inexpensive secondary crossbow for their collection, should look towards this model.

All in all, the Horton Vision 175 crossbow remains an excellent selection for those lookint to add to (or start) their crossbow collection. Just be sure not to let it sit in your trophy case for long – bring it out for some amazing target archery.