The Many Uses of the GoLite RS 1+ Season Quilt

For summer camping, the GoLite RS 1+ Season Quilt is an interesting bedding option. At under two pounds, it’s great for minimalists, ultralight hikers, and those who don’t feel like lugging a three-season bag for warm nights. I found it to be quite comfortable in addition to light and extremely compressible. For the environmentally conscious, the RS is made almost entirely from recycled polyester. I know, most people are thinking “Well, it’s light and squishy, how comfortable can it be?”

To begin with, the GoLite quilts shouldn’t be confused with sleeping bags or mummy bags. These things are open in the back, and your sleeping pad fits inside with you. The edges of the quilt are held together with straps so you don’t get uncovered at night. This allows you to make the quilt as wide or as skinny as you like. The insulation will keep you warm down to 40 degrees. On a colder night you can snap the edges together to form a bag, and pull the drawstring around your neck and shoulders.
A lot of ultralight backpackers prefer down sleeping bags for their warmth, but the synthetic material in the GoLite RS 1+ was a big help when our tent started leaking one night. I liked how warm the bag stayed when it was wet, and how fast it dried the next day. The stuff sack is also waterproof, so it would have stayed dry even if I strapped it to the outside of my pack.
The downside to this quilt is the straps that go underneath the pad. Once I was settled down reading, I couldn’t get them adjusted just right. I’m sort of questioning the judgment of the people who designed straps that need to be adjusted and laid on at the same time. Once I got everything set up the way I wanted it, I had to go to the bathroom.
At 1 lb 7 oz and $120, the GoLite RS 1+ Season Quilt is a choice to consider when every ounce counts. It’s hard to beat the weight and weather protection. The inside of the quilt is fuzzy and warm, and it has plenty of other uses besides backpacking. I can toss it in the truck for late nights stargazing. It’s great for car camping, I like to drape it around me while I make coffee on cold mornings. I rate it a solid 4 out of 5 for its lightness and versatility.