The Outlander Max 650 EFI

People love their ATVs. That is no secret. For those looking from the outside, the look of an ATV is the motivating factor. For those that are highly interested in purchasing a top of the line ATV will also look towards the quality of the engine. The reason for this is fairly self-evident: a high quality motor leads to excellent performance. The Outlander Max 650 EFI would definitely fall under the category of the top engines available. This is truly an outstanding model and it delivers on mostly all expectations. Those seeking top of the line performance in an engine will definitely find the Outlander Max 650 EFI to be the perfect selection.

This is a relatively new engine as it was first developed in 2006. It was produced in Canada (Still is, actually) and has proven to be quite popular among consumers of ATVs. Just be aware that this is a fairly pricey ATV. It costs in the $10,000 range and that may be a little heavy for some. But, as with any type of vehicle item, you can negotiate the price. You might even have greater leverage when negotiating an older model. Granted, discussing the price range of those ATVs with the Outlander Max 650 EFI can throw a little bit of cold water on things. (No one likes to stare at a $10,000 cost) However, this is an engine well worth the price considering how excellent it performs and the sheer number of features makes it quite the excellent acquisition.

For those that love a lot of power in their ATV, this is one of the most powerful in the industry. The reason for this returns us to the original point: this engine is top of the line and delivers an incredible amount of horsepower. Specifically, this is the most powerful engine on the market that is below 800 cc’s. That is a sincerely powerful engine! And who would want anything less from a high quality ATV. Those that are adventurous have an affinity for ATVs with power. The Outlander Max 650 EFI definitely does deliver on such incredible power.

The suspension of this particular model also adds to the excellence of the engine. Weak suspension can greatly undermine the enjoyable nature of the riding the ATV. With this particular ATV, such a problem ceases to be much of a problem. In fact, the suspension associated with this engine is among the best on the market.

The transmission of this particular engine is engineered to deliver high levels of performance. When you are riding an ATV, you want to be sure that it performs well going up or down a hill. This means you will need a quality transmission that delivers on expectations. The transmission found within the Outlander Max 650 EFI most definitely adds to its high level of value. This is a transmission system that handles remarkably well. You truly will not find that many ATV engines that can deliver on the same high levels of transmission performance.

People that purchase ATVs generally live very active lifestyles. They want their ATVs to match their lifestyle choices. Slow moving, sluggish, marginally performing ATVs are not exactly going excite anyone. Why would you want an ATV with an engine that underperforms? If you are active, you definitely want a great engine.

The bottom line here is that if you wish to enjoy your experiences off road with your ATV, you will want one with the Outlander Max 650 EFI. This truly is the most brilliant engines on the market since it does exactly what is expected of it and then some.