The Parker Cyclone Extreme Crossbow

The Parker Cyclone Extreme Crossbow is the latest offering from that venerable bowyer, incorporating all the technological innovations needed to make the Cyclone elite among modern hunting crossbows.The Cyclone Extreme is a compound crossbow, featuring twin inverted cams and synthetic limbs. With a draw weight of 175 pounds and a power-stroke of 15 inches, the Cyclone Extreme is capable of launching a 425 grain bolt at 350 feet per second, resulting in over 115 foot pounds of impact being delivered on the target.

The trigger pull far better than your average hunting crossbow, and the balance is near perfect. The construction of synthetic and heavily lacquered steel makes it weather proof no matter how damp the conditions you are hunting in become. The Parker Cyclone Extreme Crossbow has a 6 position adjustable stock, pistol grip, and a forearm that is also adjustable via it being attached to a Picatinny rail. Width of the bow axle to axle to is 22 inches, overall length is 35 to 39 inches depending on stock position, and the whole package weighs in at a svelte 7.2 pounds. The Parker Cyclone Extreme Crossbow also incorporates an anti dry-fire feature, a nice touch which prevents accidental discharge without a bolt, which can be very damaging to powerful bow. Included with Parker Cyclone Extreme Crossbow is a 4×32 scope, string silencers, and a 3 bolt quiver. The scope can be adjusted in one half minute of angle increments and features multiple reticles for easy adjustment to various yardages. The performance of the Parker Cyclone Extreme Crossbow makes it lethal whether your quarry is whitetails, hogs, predators, or even large game like elk, moose, and bear. Basically, if it walks the American continent, the Cyclone Extreme is more than enough crossbow to take it on. The relatively light weight and short limbs make it an easy burden in the woods compared to many comparable crossbows, and its sleek modern styling and camo pattern will make you the envy of the camp wherever you are hunting. The crossbow retails for an average price of $799.00 dollars and can be found across the nation wherever the best in hunting weapons are sold.