The Stealth Cam Prowler HD

Scouting cameras have been around for many years. The problem in prior years was such cameras were notorious for their limitations. Large sized and bulky cameras made the versatility component difficult. The classic analogue recording system was not always prone to delivering the best visual images. Today, things have changed for the better. Namely, we have a tremendous number of excellent digital cameras that are light in weight and known for their brilliant picture quality.

This is where the Stealth Cam Prowler HD proves to be so helpful. Stealth Cam has delivered quite a few excellent products in the marketplace. The new release of the Prowler HD can be considered one of the all-time best in the company’s product line. The picture quality is among the best in the business and the features and functions are a step above many of the other cameras on the market.

Actually, there are three different video qualities associated with this particular camera. You can employ HD when needed or you could “tone down” the video quality with one of the other two options which would be VGA and QVGA. Select the one that is most appropriate for you.

What is it that makes this particular camera so viable and such a step above many of the other ones on the market? Here is a look at some of the absolute best features that the camera presents:

This particular camera is known for providing a completely new and novel camera that records infrared digital video. The infrared component is worth examining. Infrared is designed for capturing images during the evening or in extremely low light scenarios. Does this camera effectively capture nighttime photos? The answer here is assuredly a yes as many consumers will point out. This is a model that frequently receive high marks from those that purchase it.

And, as the name of the camera states, the imagery is recorded in a high density format. Consider that another major positive since the captured images will be presented in a crystal clear manner that will look no different than what you would see in a professional production. Again, this is a camera that delivers brilliant picture quality. And would you want anything less from a scouting camera?

The audio that is recorded on the camera is also quite excellent. You will discover that the audio is just as high in quality as the excellent, brilliant video that the camera is known for. Some will overlook the value of the audio quality. Such an oversight would be a mistake since audio can make or break the value of the recorded imagery. These problems will not arise when you are working with the Stealth Cam Prowler HD since the audio/video combination is excellent.

Consider all of these factors to be a major endorsement for the Stealth Cam Prowler HD. This is a high level camera that exceeds all expectations. Yes, Stealth Cam hit a homerun with this model. You reallly cannot go wrong with purchasing this particular camera.