The Trek Fuel Ex 8 Bike for Trail Riding

The Trek Fuel Ex 8 mountain suspension bike provides outdoor bike enthusiasts the option of being strong enough for racing, yet durable enough for riding long distances as well. The bike features an aluminum frame with an ABP Convert and ten-speed shifters.

The Trek Fuel Ex 8 bike features components that accommodate serious bike riders. For example, the bike features Bontrager low rider handles, as well as a Bontrager Evoke 2 saddle. The wheels are indicated to be Bontrager Duster 32 hole rims with Shimano alloy hubs; the tires themselves are Bontrager XR3 Expert, 26×2.2 inches.

The Trek Fuel EX 8 has an MSRP value of $2409.99. The Trek company, which makes the bike, provides a variety of customer service options on its website, including a Q&A section that assists customers in selecting the correct size of bike, as well as provide information about the bike’s weight and other specifications. The website also make available for purchase a number of accessories that compliment the bike and its rider.

People who own and have used the Trek Fuel Ex 8 bike indicate that the bike is lightweight and fun to ride. They note that the bike is easy to handle, has remarkable speed, and the mechanics of the bike, such as the handle bars and shifting mechanisms, help provide a great riding experience. Some users, however, complain that the breaks squeal loudly and that the stock tires are slippery, even on dry roads. In addition, some users have indicated that the bike’s tires become stuck on occaasion. However, most online reviews state that the Trek Fuel Ex8 bike is worth buying and even worthy of being recommended to friends and other bike enthusiasts.

The Trek Fuel Ex 8 bike can be bought from a person’s local outdoor sporting retailer or bicycling specialty shop. In addition, people can buy the bike from online auction vendors, such as Ebay, and other online retailers like

Trek covers its bikes with a one year warranty on most mechanical components. The warranty does not cover intententional damage, but rather damage caused by manufacturer defect. In addition, the paint and decals on the bike are covered under a one year warranty. The suspension, frame, and locks are covered by 2 year warranties. Trek advises its customers that parts will generally wear out through normal wear and tear after a year. Customers may want to consider buying an extended warranty for their bikes or prepare to buy new parts and maintance for the bike after a year.