Total Resources International 250-Piece Outdoor First Aid in Red EVA Case

Preparation is perhaps the most important factor of any outing. Even the most experienced wilderness enthusiast has an accident of some sort, no matter the level of experience they may have. The Total Resources International 250-Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit contains everything that you would need before traveling away from civilization. Approval from the HEB, ANSI, OSHA and the FDA ensure this product’s quality, while the soft, bright red water repellent case will fit easily in the trunk of a car or amongst other necessary items in a pack without any fuss.

This little kit provides a solution for nearly every situation regularly encountered in the wilderness. At a glance inside, one can find plenty of bandages of every size and shape protect scrapes and cuts from infection, hydrocortisone cream for treating burns, aspirin tablets, a 24-hour brightstick, whistle and blanket – among a multitude of other helpful items. The very elements of basic hygiene and health maintenance for mishaps in the outdoors, it would be unwise to venture anywhere without it.

Serious medical situations will unfortunately require much more than the 250-piece Outdoor First Aid Kit can possibly offer. An industry standard in risk aversive preparation and a complete necessity for every journey, this first aid kit does have some room for improvement. While the advertised amount of 250 items is indeed impressive, a close look from an experienced individual will reveal that many of them are simply dead weight. The additions of sunscreen, anti-itch cream and an emergency water pouch are not as vital as supplies that could have been included otherwise. To begin with Total resources could have included a set of splints for broken fingers, which would probably be more appreciated by safety conscious customers.

Customizing your 250-Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit is recommended, so that you can tailor its contents to prepare for whatever threat that might threaten your own or a companion’s well-being. The molded EVA carrying case repels water rather effectively and is well constructed enough to last an outdoors enthusiast for hundreds of outings – as long as he or she is not terribly accident-prone. Additionally, the case boasts eco-friendly packaging to help settle an uneasy conscience.
Thirty dollars is probably the right price for this product, with 250 items, that comes out to about $0.12 per item! However, prices vary depending on the retailer, so shop around and make an effort to find the best deal.

Price: $30

I would rate the Total Resources International 250-Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit a 4/5. Certainly an item that would bring any hiker peace of mind, you will not even notice this small red case at the bottom of your pack or trunk compartment until it is needed. Some more useful first aid supplies could have made it into the 250 that are included in this product, but it’s best to be safe than sorry without any aid whatsoever.